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My name is Raimar Guevara but If you want you can call me Sakuranko. Because that is the name of my blog,  before I though that  "Sakuranko didn´t have a real meaning but I was confused and that is funny because I know so little about japanese. And before I think this has the same meaning that Sakurako but that is not true because in japanese a letter can made the difference.

Sakuran means "confusion" and "ko" means child. And the meaning is something like 
"Confused Child"

And that is funny because one of my favorite books ever is Alice in Wonderland and she is really confused for me~ I feel sometimes like her. And this was a completely coincidence because after five years blogging is where I found the real meaning behind the name of my blog. But I feel is pretty acurate with me. Sincerely I was really confused.

But to the same time I feel happy to have the word sakura in the name of my blog even If the meaning is compeltely different. 

I´m a medical student and is fine but that is not my life, even when I study the most part of time, the other part of the time I'm blogging. (●´ω`●)♡  Since I've always loved makeup and I have always felt the need to share with others my experiences with makeup and products-

I´m a girl who loves books, makeup, anime, manga, and animated films. Most of my favorite movies are animated. I can spend hours reading books and manga, I love to read. The anime is one of those things that I love also. I love vampires and all that thematic. I love it the japanese culture and I hope sometime soon travel to Japan.

With regard to music I love classical music, JPop, JRock, New Age, Pop Rock, also other styles but those are the ones I often hear. For me, music is life, every day in the morning start listening to music to feel good〜♡

If you are reading this do really appreciate that, thanks for visiting my blog and read me. I hope you have a beautiful day ♡。゚.(*♡´◡` 人´◡` ♡*)゚♡ °・

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  1. I love your blog! Its very interesting because I also love Japanese culture, I love mangas and animes, I love reading, a pseudonym I use is a Japanese alteration of my name. That's really interesting =O It's great that you can speak English and Spanish. I'm trying hard to learn a second language, I love it although fitting it around daily life stuff can be hard! Anywhoo, keep up the blogs, it's really cool to have a community of like-minded people in the same (virtual) space. ^_^

  2. really a cute and beautiful girl
    this is my first visit to yours and I've already Follow Your Blog on #1565 :) come to mine too please,nice to meet u here :) im indonesian

  3. I really like your style and I'm happy to follow you! :-)

  4. Your blog is just too lovely. I love all the sakura flying over my screen (´∀`) You are super pretty!! And you love Japanese stuff as well ^^ I'll be sure to have a visit some more (▰˘◡˘▰)

  5. Lovely blog Sakuranko :3 thanks for your veeeery specific reviews I think that allmost nobody on youtube does the swatches on their own face... specifically the eye shadow swatches :) I alsospeak in Spanish cause I live in Chile :) greatings !!

  6. Hi, Your blog is wonderful <83
    Ah, and - Sakuran means "Wild cherry blossom", so, Sakuranko actually has a meaning ;)