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About Me

Hi Everyone!

My name is Raimar aka Sakuranko and I am a beautiful person, passionate about books, cat lover, amateur photographer, and physician since 2017. My MBTI is INTJ and I enjoy the time by myself I´ve been blogging since 2010 and I love to share with my readers the reviews about the stuff I like and what I enjoy.

I love Asian Beauty but not only focused on makeup but instead on skincare.  The best makeup is always a good skincare routine.

- My Favorite colors are Black, Beige, and Pink. 
- My Favorite Food is: Japanese Food - Sushi
- My Favorite Book Genre: Fantasy
- My Motto: "Time Goes by"

The meaning of Sakuranko name is complicated πŸŒΈ
Thank you so much for visiting my Blog πŸ’•

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  1. I love your blog! Its very interesting because I also love Japanese culture, I love mangas and animes, I love reading, a pseudonym I use is a Japanese alteration of my name. That's really interesting =O It's great that you can speak English and Spanish. I'm trying hard to learn a second language, I love it although fitting it around daily life stuff can be hard! Anywhoo, keep up the blogs, it's really cool to have a community of like-minded people in the same (virtual) space. ^_^

  2. really a cute and beautiful girl
    this is my first visit to yours and I've already Follow Your Blog on #1565 :) come to mine too please,nice to meet u here :) im indonesian

  3. I really like your style and I'm happy to follow you! :-)

  4. Your blog is just too lovely. I love all the sakura flying over my screen (´∀`) You are super pretty!! And you love Japanese stuff as well ^^ I'll be sure to have a visit some more (▰˘◡˘▰)

  5. Lovely blog Sakuranko :3 thanks for your veeeery specific reviews I think that allmost nobody on youtube does the swatches on their own face... specifically the eye shadow swatches :) I alsospeak in Spanish cause I live in Chile :) greatings !!

  6. Hi, Your blog is wonderful <83
    Ah, and - Sakuran means "Wild cherry blossom", so, Sakuranko actually has a meaning ;)