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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nivea Pure Effect Stay Clear "Review"

Hi Everyone!

 I bring you a review on this great new product called "Stay Clear Nivea Pure Effect." It is an excellent product that I got in a drougstore a crazy shopping day, and decided to try it because most of the products from this brand are great, I can admit that this has helped me a lot.

I used 2 filters in the original photograph I admit I love the effect you create with them, but the pictures below are the product without any kind of filter.

This product is a cleansing tonic, which cleans the pores and helps remove excess oil on our face. obviously is a product created for people with oily skin, unfortunately my skin is oily and how amazing is that it helps keep my skin matte without drying the skin.

Another important fact is that no alcohol but having a set of sea salt which is what purifies the skin.

Back Side... 

With its multiple benefits prevents the appearance of blackheads and pimples. Honestly now part of my daily cleaning routine it is great.

Looks incolore...

Another thing I should say is that it has a delightful, pleasant and refreshing aroma, which leaves your skin super refreshing.

Five Stars For this Georgeus Product!

Bye Bye!!


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