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Saturday, June 7, 2014

THEFACESHOP Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream

Hi Lovelies!

I'm here with a new review of one of my favorite products of skincare, and i'm talking about an eye cream. I need eye cream because I´m always very busy, and sometimes I can´t sleep many hours. Especially when I´m studying with the exams and all my sleep is very poor. So around my eyes looks very tired, I since I born I have a genetic wrinkle,  just under my eyes and that make me looks like puffy eyes on many pics.  ⌒っ*´・ω・)φ I hated the puffy eyes but after start to be good thing for all that you can start to look more innocent and pretty thanks for asian influences so, well it´s fine now I don´t care my puffy eyes but I think I need care of the zone around my eyes because the skin in that area is very slim.

٩(๑`ȏ´๑)۶ Back Side of box~

The last year my bf gave me this product like a gift surprise and well he only bought this product because the packaging was pretty to him. But he doesn't had idea how works this product. But I was using the LA MER The Eye Concentrate that is like photoshop in an eye cream is just perfect and in December of the last year I started to use this product THEFACESHOP Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream.

Upside box~ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ

Left side of box~ (。•ө•。)

Right Side~ (。•ө•。) Directions +  Caution + Ingredients

- Active Ingredient: Adenosine
- Beauty Ingredient: Abyssine

Downside of box~(´∩ω∩`)♡

This says THEFACESHOP about this product:

An eye cream used to get rid of dryness around the eye area.

This is the jar is of glass~(´,,•ω•,,`)

 ✓ Packaging: First is a lavender box with the name of product and a cute plants on a sweet blue lavender too. To me this box is very relaxing box inspire me peace, and I really like it that. The jar is made of glass and the cap looks metallic but is a very good plastic than looks like metal. Is not easy to carry because is a bit heavy the jar and can be break it so I like it anyway. 

Back side of jar~

 ✓ Price & Quantity: The price some months ago when I start to use the price of this product was around $18 to $22 and that without shipping included. But well is a bit pricey of normal but I think the price is good because the product is very good. Well the quantity is of 30 gr and is a lot of product because I was using this product since December and well I have enough product like for the rest of the year or more.

It has an hygienicwhite cap~

The Eye Cream~ ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)

 ✓ Texture + Fragrance: The texture is very lightweight nothing dense or heavy and I love it because I can spread around my eyes with any difficult. The fragrance is like soap of glycerin for babies, yes just like that, I remember perfectly that smells thanks to my little brother her physician recommend for him a soap of glycerin and smells the same way that the soap of glycerin. So the fragrance is neutral and I like it because relax me,  on my night skin care routine. 

On my hand~

Bare Skin / / With THEFACESHOP Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream


Bare Skin Around my eyes ~ Before and After \\٩( 'ω' )و ///
I can see the difference~


✓ PROs
- Moisturize very good the skin around my eyes.
- The moisture stays on my eyelids for over 5 hours.
- Leaves my skin soft and pretty.
- It has a soft fragrance.
- The quantity is enough for all a year using daily.
- The packaging is pretty.

✓ CONs
- On many countries you only can buy this product online.
- The packaging is not easy to carry.


I love it this products because provides deep moisturizing to the zone around my eyes. And this moisture stays on my eyelids for over five hours so that is great to me. I´ve bee using this product around 6 months and has been working very good. Is perfect for my sensitive eyes. (*´ω`*) I use this product before apply my makeup too because in that way is more easy apply the concealer or BB Cream around my eyes. The zone around my eyes if I use this product the last night, looks less tired on the morning.  


Me with the (o(*゚▽゚*)o))) THEFACESHOP 
Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream♡♡♡

(●*Oωu`艸 I hope you enjoyed this review~
Thanks for your comments and support!
I hope you have a cute day!

Bye Bye!!

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