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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE Rosy Tint Lips

Hi Loveles,

I´m here starting to write a new post for you my readers. Lately my days aren't good. I'm on vacation in home with nothing to do. And now exactly is a month for start the classes and I need start to study to my exams after vacations is very boring my life. But apart of that I feel very unhappy for several reasons, first I don´t have real friends close to me, I just have people that think that I can be useful to them and that is sad. I´m not a tool I´m a person a real person, and yes I know this is not a way to start a post about a product for lips, and i don´t care this is my blog and i can start a review just like this if I want. 

My supposed friends are just stupid people that not appreciate me and just want use me.  These people is very annoying, this year I have new classmates because I´m to day with all the subjects but some people is very  annoying and disgusting. And of course I´m the last people in know what happens on a subject if I´m not very involved with says the teacher in class. Because I'm unknown for my classmates and they aren't very friendly (I have exceptions)  I happy to don't have to see some people of that. But I have to be ready for all the exams after vacations and I have to study and is a bit annoying, study is not fun. 

The second, is my life in home is boring and well, my relationship with my parents is not exactly great or good, is very so so. And well we have discussions or I act like if I'm an amoeba or something like that. I don´t have to much add about this. 

The third and last, well I have a long time without see my kokoro and our relationship is become in something very rutinary, but we don´t talk like some years ago, now he is working and working and when I´m on college or hospital I don´t have time to talk with him and now that I´m free he doesn't time to talk with me, seriously a part of me hate this long distance relationship. And now, I really want that he comes with me and well it´s complicated for his job. Yesterday I think for one second I believed in a moment he would be to talk and enjoy good time together before start the classes but NO. Now I need await to December (and this is not sure) for see him. I hate myself for miss him so much, I hate the situation that I´m living, because now I think I´m so silly (an maybe is truth). 

Sincerely I want have the money and time to see him, but wow I´m studying medicine that consumes my time, like you don´t have idea. Now I feel sad and annoyed with myself and with him a bit because has been a long time and I´m not feeling great with all this.

Well, this is depressing, let´s go with the review~ ( ´◔‸ゝლ`)

✧。(⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡ I won this cute lip product from a giveaway the last year from my sweet blogger friend Misa ゜・*⋇▫☸ a lovely and beautiful gyaru blogger. 

⋋(♡′θ’♡)⋌ 。* Left Side~

Close-up Left Side~ (΄◞ิ౪◟ิ‵)

(๑╹◡╹๑)ノ Right Side~

(∩╹∀╹∩)*❤ Beautiful

Packaging: First is a small box with a beautiful floral design, I must admit I love the box more than the product. Then a small tube with a lid in cream beige color. The whole design is very feminine and I love all the packaging of this product.

(• ” • ๑)β” Back Side of Tube~


You can remove this sponge ヾ( ´ /// ` )ノ゙

And look like this~ 


Texture + Color: The texture is creamy and smooth but a little dry, but is soft but using lip balm. But anything you use moisturizer on your lips will feel just a dry cream on your lips. The color is very pretty the name is #6 English Garden is a nice a little intense matte medium pink.

On my hand~




- Beautiful packaging.
- It´s a cheap product.
- Lovely and creamy color.

✾ CONs
- Leaves the lips very dry (using or not lip balm before).
- On many countries you only can buy this product online. 


I have to be honest this product is very pretty and the color is cute, but I have very dry lips, I have to use lip balm four or five times on a day and this product is very dry and the worst just after use this leaves my lips very dry and I don´t look pretty. So I have to use a big amount ू (ѳॅ ॄ ѳॆ ू ) of lip balm for my lips look nice. The color is cute but is not long lasting and let my parched lips. The price is nice and seriously I love it the packaging I feel happy using this product because the packaging is cute but the formula is very dry and I don´t like that, so I have a Hate-Love relationship with this product. This is a nice product but I think there are better lip products from the same brand.


Manufactured date~

|ω・) Cute color~

(´・ω・`)Me using the ETUDE HOUSE  Rosy Tint Lips

I hope this review can be useful to you~♡✧。
Thank you for your comments and support and not forget Join to my Lioele and Etude House giveaway~ I hope you have a cute day!

Bye Bye!!


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  2. Oh sweet darling. I know life can throw curve balls at you for no reason, but I do hope very soon that things get better for you! <3

    I love these Rosy Tints! I like this color on you as well. I think the only issues with these are how drying they can be and how hard it was for me to get product out.

    Stay positive, okay? <3

  3. So sad that it's drying :x I actually wanted to try it but, I'm glad that I didn't.
    So sad how you feel about your class mates :/ I used to feel the same when I was younger...I hope you can get better!
    Take care*

  4. Deshazte de toda esa gente que no te valora por lo que eres, el ánimo cambia de inmediato cuando estás con la gente apropiada...Con la familia no hay mucho que hacer, es usual discutir con los padres cuando una es joven, por el cambio generacional más que nada, a veces pecamos de orgullo (al menos yo me di cuenta de varias cosas ya siendo mamá). Sobre tu relación...quizás es inútil que te diga esto, pero tan solo paciencia. Estas cosas son las que fortalecen o minan las relaciones dependiendo de cómo las afrontemos, pero paciencia, disposición y amor hacen la diferencia. Ya verás que todo irá mejor ;D, asi que te envío mucho ánimo (aunque sea virtual) y fuerza para pasar estas dificultades y vuelvas a tener días luminosos ♥

    Sobre esta tinta, la quiero mucho, pero aún me caaarga el aplicador. Ya se me deformó y por mas que lo limpie no queda como era al principio, se le fué la felpa, asi que ahora cuando quiero mas precisión uso un pincel. Y sagrado uso todas las noches un bálsamo labial porque tienes razón en que reseca mucho.
    Saludos! ^^

  5. I have yet to try any Etude House products but am definitely going to pick some up on my upcoming trip to Asia! I do like the look of this and it reminds me of the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks. Pity that they are drying, but I think lip balm beforehand would help with it. If I find this on my trip, I will definitely test out the sampler!


  6. Amé el formato y colores, pero son demasiado secos!


  7. No me gusta mucho los productos con esponjita pero el color es lindo y como te dice una chica más arriba elimina a ese tipo de gente de tu circulo, cuando estas con gente que te valora al instante te cambia los ánimos y sabes que puedes confiar en ellos.
    Y por lo de tu kokoro todas las relaciones son dificiles, más creo yo las relaciones a distancia. Poco te puedo decir del tema ya que soy muy nueva en eso pero paciencia y todo saldra como tiene que ser...
    Te mando fuerza desde argentina y ya veras que mejorara =)

  8. This is a lovely lip colour! I have one too, but in a darker colour; I have not tried it out yet but I need to give it a try soon. XD

  9. The color is very cute on you Raimar I thought it would be a bit dark but it looks pretty! Long distance relationship can be really hard :( I'm gonna message you on Facebook ok ;)

  10. Awww babe...long distance relationships are hard and time consuming, but i am sure everything good will turn out for you!! <3 And also, cheer up, doll!! :) Love your review...though personally, I would have opted for a slightly darker shade!! But love it nonethless...NOW CHEER UP, COME ON!!! <3


  11. oh dear... what can I say to cheer you up? things can only can better from now on sweetie!
    I know long distance relationship sucks but its worth it (^_^)V
    love the lip tint.I prefer using tint instead of lipstick because its easier for me to use hehe

  12. keep your head up! without all these distractions, you can throw yourself into doing the best you can at school and work. just keep busy! i know it's hard, but you'll push thru!!

    love the packaging here, too! it is a pretty color, but i have really dry lips as well.

    $300 Sephora Giveaway!

  13. Sorry to read you're feeling this way doll, I hope things will pick up for you. I feel like this sometimes and it's not so fun. This was a great review xx

  14. Oh dear, i'm really sorry to read you have problems in your life. I hope your relationships will be better soon and you will be happier. :3 the rivew is really great.
    Bai, Shiki

  15. I really like the color :)
    And I also think that it suits your face perfectly :)


  16. its not as pigmented as i imagined TAT Great Review :3

    ~ aMz Punky Bunny Blog

  17. I loved this product.. look so natural on ur lips xo

  18. I sure you will find something to do

  19. beautiful! Loving your review photos!
    Kisses and great vibes from Miami,

  20. what a lovely wrapping <3

  21. What a super cute product! I'm loving the color!

  22. unfortunatelly this product is so dry, but I do love the color of this lipstick :)

    xx julia

  23. I'm waiting for this to be on sale actually!! hehe definitely love that colour but yeah, I think I need to find out on how to get over the fact that it's gonna dry out my lips. But still, thanks for sharing!

    Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

  24. El color es muy bonito y el producto también lo es, pero es una lástima que sea tan seco y a mi tampoco me gustó por eso y yo creí que podía ser distinto a los otros tintes de labios.

  25. Ooh... I've been in your place (or maybe I could say I am still in that place). I know it's feel terrible. What I can do is just focusing on my work more. And even though I have that kinda friends like yours, but still I have a friend that truly understand me and I cherished her most. When we are in that place, what we need the most is just someone who will listen to us, not talking or give suggestion, just listen, right? Hehehe... sorry if it out of topic! ^^

  26. Yeah, life can be a bit like that sometimes, but you've just gotta hang in there. ^^ Things will get better! Studying is boring yes, but at the end it will be so rewarding when you have your medical degree. You can do it!!! ^^


  27. Hi Sakuranko!!! <3 :) I love the etude house lip tints and the super cute packaging they used!! I love that pink color and that sponge applicator!!! Awww, too bad it's drying, I too have dry lips so I might have to reconsider before buying. Thanks for the awesome review!! :D

    <3 from Chuonie

  28. Nice honest review dear. I am glad that it saved my bucks from buying a drying lippy :-)


  29. I'm sorry to hear that, it sounds like a lot of tough things are happening at the same time... I'm sure your parents love you and even though now you're not getting along that well, it will improve! It's sad that your friends and classmates turned out to be such people, but you're a sweet person, you will be able to find nicer ones for sure when you have a bit of free time to go out or take parts in some activities. LDRs are difficult, you have to be patient and try to think of ways to show each other your love even when you don't have a lot of time.

  30. What a great color dear :D


  31. The color looks so pretty on you! Please don't be sad, there will always be negative people in your life, but I guess you just have to learn how to ignore them. And remember, after every bad period in your life comes a good one :)


  32. I'm sorry to hear about your current situation, but don't be sad. There are and will always be sad, hard or tough moments in life but as soon as they pass you'll awaqit better times. don't be sad dear ♥

  33. Lovely color and this packaging is very girly, I love it.
    Thank you for this review sweety :)

  34. Lovely product, the packaging is very girly, I love it !
    Thank you for this review sweetie :)


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