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Friday, December 5, 2014

DoDo 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder

Hi Everyone!

Oh my God it´s December we are very close of Holidays and well I´m still studying I feel a little alone lately because many things are overcoming and is more hard because lately I´ve been very sick. But I´m happy the Chrtismas tree in my home is ready and I can feel the spirit of Joy and that makes me feel a bit  better today. (*ˊᵕˋ*)੭ ੈ I need study but is stupid mention that,  because always I need study.

|ω・)ノ  Today I´m here with a review that I should make a long time before. I´m talking about the DoDo 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder I bought this powder a long time ago on eBay but I was using other powders so I decided use after use that powders. This is different to the DOLLYMATTE Mineral Powder Natural that I was using before this, because this has less pigmentation on my personal opinion, for me this is more translucid. 

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

\( *´•ω•`*)/ Back Side Box



This box~

Price: When I bought this the price was $5 but right now the price is between $8 and $10 on eBay that ¯\( ˘–˘ )/¯ But the price is still cheap for the quantity of product.

*\(^o^)/* DoDo 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder

Packaging: Nothing special just a red box with a red product  inside. So nothing special but I like but is not easy to carry because is more big than regular powders.

Back Side~


The sponge ♡♡



Opening for this review~

Powder on  my Hand~

( ̄▽ ̄) After Blend with my fingers~

After blend with the sponge~ *w* Better~

Before and After~
My Bare skin and after with DoDo 3W Clinic Natural Makeup Powder only.

PROs and CONs

- The price is very cheap.
- It has 30 gr.
- The texture is very soft and easy to blend.
- Controls very well the sebum
- The coverage is very light.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online (including me)


(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ After six months or more using this product I´m very happy because this doesn´t cause me any irritation so this works good on my sensitive skin. The control of sebum is pretty nice, I don´t need retouch my face n three hours after apply this profuct o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡ Btw the coverage is pretty light this is very translucent and pretty natural for me. This has a color this is the #23 Natural Beige but for me is very natural so doesn´t looks heavy. (∩´ω`∩) If you want coverage this loose powder is not for you. The quantity is 30 gr the double of usual and that is great because the price is very good. I use this everyday and I love it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


(●・ω・)ノ♡ I hope you enjoyed this review and I´m working in more~
I hope you have a happy day!

Bye Bye!!


  1. This looks like a great product for light coverage. I just wish the packaging was prettier! It's really simple looking.

  2. Great effect ; D

  3. It looks quite good! although I tend to skip loose products like this one because I'm a very merry 'gal...
    take care*

  4. thanks for sharing this products. I have never heard of it before.

  5. I didn't know about this product, but it looks like it works really well. And transparent powder are always useful. Thanks for the review :D

  6. You always introduce such interesting products, I never know the brands, it's so cool to see all these new things on your blog :)

  7. Great review sweetheart...Thx for sharing..:-) xx

  8. wow I'd love to try this item myself!
    Thanks for inspiring me!


  9. This powder has very good coverageThis powder has very good coverage, nice review!


  10. Oh the powder looks really good *___*
    haha I know exactly what you been, I've been saying in every single blog post lately that I'm busy xD
    Good luck on your studies <3

  11. Wow looks like a great product!!~ Nice review and your bare face looks pretty!!

  12. Hi sweetie!
    Oh great product, thanks for sharing your review
    The outcome is amazing

  13. Wow, it makes the skin look so soft! Is it Dodo Palgantong or a different brand?

  14. Awww I hope you feel better soon! I have never been much of a fan for powders but your before and after pictures sure changed my mind!

  15. Super review doll...I hope you will feel much better soon and all your studying goes well too. The powder looks great :)) xx

  16. muy buena review, yo compré los dos colores por las dudas y tmb los compré antes que subiera de precio a razon de $4 dolares por pote y me parece baratisimo y espectacular el polvo. matifica muy bien y me gusta que no se ve pesado ni polvoroso en la cara =)

  17. Beautiful powder. The result is very nice :)

  18. I know other girl who use this product and it looks very good *-* I think I'll try it because I ended my last powder.
    Very good review ^ ^

  19. Very interesting product. Thank you for this review :)


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