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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Nothing is Forever

Hi Lovelies!

After a long day I decided write a different post and this is not a review or a makeup tutorial this a a bit about my life. I´m  listening right now this Emotional Piano Music  I want invite you to listen with me while you read this post, in case that you are interested. (・∩・) When I was a teenager I think that sometimes somethings are forever but I realized something very sad recently, nothing is forever. That must be very silly no? Well, I knew this but one thing is know something and another completely different is see through this true with my own eyes. I love it the next quote:

“Pulvis et umbra sumus.”
That is a quote from my favorite male character from a book but I need to say thanks to Horacio who was really says that quote. That means "We are dust and shadows. And that is completely truth. I always think the that could be great Live Forever (*・∧・*) for that reason I´m so fan with the things related to vampires because the idea of eternity sounds gorgeous. But the truth is that I´m just a human and I need live with my reality. But I find a way to live several different lifes and is read. I find that reading I can travel and now I can dream more and definetely I can live more that before. Like you know (and if you know now you going to know) since I was a child I enjoed to much read but now this become on my favorite activity because the feeling and the emotions when I´m reading a good book will be on my life forever even if I´m not going to live forever.

I had a heartbreake,  well not really, I just acepted the reality and that happens again,  someone that was my great best friend one day he just stopped of care about me and well when that happened, you should know how finish the story, I finish hurt. But Now I´m move on(◕ฺ ▿ฺ ◕ฺ) because this life is pretty short and I live in a very dangerous city and country and that makes the things very complicated and I´m not sure if I can be a victim of delinquency (I hope in God not) but nothing is sure here. Now I´m not going to talk this person again and the reason is simple: This person thinks that it´s fine make bad things but I need feel grateful for all the good things in the past∑(´△`○)but well that things happens.

Now I feel happy because I´m healthy my family is healthy and wow this a great bless. I seen so many people sick at the hospital and with horrible diseases that is so important. And well I have a house and something better I have a home~ Btw people please pray for(´๑•_•๑) Nepal ~ I was watching videoas about the earthsquake and Oh my God! is so sad and if you can make donations please make you donation.

I love it this last song is so wonderful the piano is just gorgeous~ I need say thanks to allmyreaders, you are special and wonderful. Thanks for all that great positive energy. (´,,•ω•,,`) Now I´m enjoying my life with a different perspective and that is know that each second of my life is precious, for that reason I don´t have to make something that I´m going to regreat, I want live my life in the best way. Thanks God for be there.

I hope you enjoyed this different post~:*(〃・ェ・〃人)*:・

Bye Bye!!


  1. Despite the fact it's not a beauty review, this post is still wonderful. I always liked to read someone's thoughts and I was glag to see this post.
    I totaly support you in your fangirling with things like vampires because it would be really cool to live forever, and I was always scaried of the fact that I'll die one day because nobody knows what is there after the death... And the life is so short. I always thinking that I was just 15 yesterday, but I'm 20 today... And sometimes it makes me really sad.

    I hope everything will be okay with you. have a nice week, dear!


  2. Wonderful music :)) Happy week doll xx

  3. I hope you find soon a person that that care of your heartbrake!
    good luck for all!

    My last post: White sheet

    Shopping Girls

  4. beautiful entry ^^


  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, a very touching and beautiful post!
    life is just like this!!
    many kisses!!
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  6. This is an amazing post. I think it is good if you share some thoughts.
    Bai, Shiki


  7. This post is so nice! I love reading personal posts about people's thoughts even more than reading reviews. I can absolutely relate to your situation. At the moment I'm going through something similar too. It just hurts knowing that someone you deeply care about actually doesnt give two shits about you when they used to do so much in the past :-( but cheer up it was a good decision to let go of toxic people because that's the only way you can live a healthy life !

    Mindy ♥

  8. I will definitely check out these songs they sound great

  9. Thanks for sharing this post. xx

  10. It's good you managed to move on and don't feel bitter! Also, happy to hear all your close ones are healthy and fine. BTW, I also like this particular song very much!

  11. What a wonderful post! I hope that all goes well for you in the future, too ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  12. I really like this posts, the songs are very calming :)

    Daisy ○ LittleKawaiiDaisy

  13. Aww that's sad :( Hope you feel better soon, even though you say you are moving on, sometimes it's really hard!! Good to hear your family is alright :)

  14. I love the long sleeve dress >w<

  15. lo siento mucho =( y si es feo darse cuentas que las cosas cambian, las personas cambian y no para bien a veces... espero que esa persona piense bien las cosas que hace...
    Y a ti suerte y me alegro que estes saludable, a veces no nos damos cuenta lo importante que es eso... xoxo

  16. Love your strength and ability to share life as it happens -- even if it's not perfect. Happy, I found your post! I will praying for Nepal.

    Blessings to you!

    http://rhythmandruffle.com <3

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