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Friday, April 8, 2016

Zaful 2016

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Lovelies!

Wow i said on my previous post I will be publishing a new post in few hours and that becomed on days I sincerely sorry I´ve been super busy. Today I want share some beautiful dresses from a cute store called Zanful  this store has a huge variety of different dresses, blouses, shoes, accesories and more. Today I want share some of my picks in dresses from this lovely store. I really like the prices because is varied but in overall really affordable and that for me is important because I need care of my budget.

Sincerely I really love it the beautiful sweater dresses, first because they are super cute but the same time are super comfy. Lately has been raining on my city that is completely weird because has been several months since a real rain. But this model of dress are perfect for me with boots for a rainy day (or probably I am weird). The best is the texture of this dresses because is super soft and comfy and i feel really free. Now after several years I discovered that I prefer the dressesover the jeans and even If I have to use more jeans than dresses everyday, I prefer the dresses and in Zaful you can find so cute different models of dresses.

This time I decided not choose any lace dress because with so cute dresses sometimes we need change a bit of usual and I feel pretty happy with this dresses. And sometimes this model of dresss is more casual than a lace dress. If you want find beautiful dresses and accesories and by the way this store has a great variety of new stuff with 2016 dresses, shoes and more. First I want to know If you knew this store and second if you like my choices. I hope you enjoyed this post and can be useful to you I really enjoyed this store and for a girl always is important variety and options regarding to clothes and shoes. By the way I need say a huge thank you to each wonderful people that leave me beautiful comments on my previous post, you are so amazing than you and thank you again, my best blessing for them.

Bye Bye!


  1. me encanta la falda azul , y el vestido ultimo

  2. These dresses are so cute... I like the sweet green one... it's a really nice color xox

    I know what you mean about being single... I don't like it but I see how it is easier... much less pain... I do know how wonderful it is to love though, it's a feeling like nothing else... it's incredibly beautiful... I have just been trying to figure out over the years if it was worth it... I am not looking for love but I am open to it... who knows xox

  3. That green dress is so pretty for spring!

  4. The last dress is so cute.



  5. Those are all so cute and I can see why you like them so much!

  6. Beautiful selection. First outfit is very pretty :)

  7. Amazing pieces. I have followed you via GFC as you told.

  8. Great selection. Last dress is so beautiful!


  9. love the second dress!
    xoxo Gina

    new post

  10. awesome selection dear!!! <3 I love the green dress!! Zaful have awesome clothes!!
    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? let me know on my blog <3

  11. Oh these are really cute! I shoud really check this store out :) xx


  12. The first dress is cute :) Great picks!

    SHAIRA // New Post- Moto Jacket

  13. Easy peasy styling! Love a dress that takes the effort out of getting dressed lol
    Thank you for visiting my blog, hope to see you back to check out my latest design!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  14. I love the last dress :) Thanks for visiting my blog :) let me know if you want to follow each other on social media. good day!

    The Budget Fashion Seeker

  15. Lovely outfits!...
    I like them all!
    All the best!


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