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Monday, September 26, 2016


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Today has been a tiring day but now is my moment for relax a bit before a long journey of work at the hospital all the night until tomorrow. Why I am writing this? I am happy always to share my choices from another lovely store that I talked before and you should know I am talking about Ericdress. Fall is here and well even when for me this is more like the rainy season because in my country all the year is summer. The rainy season has the characteristic with a morning day with a lot of sun but close to the afternoon start to rain and the day start to feel more fresh and cloudy and I love it because I like the summer but not all the time. This time I want share with you some cheap sweater dresses and I fell in love with this plaid dress because not only looks super pretty look pretty comfy too for this weather and this season.

I love it the cardigan dresses like this white dress. Because not only can look comfy or perfect for season because is super pretty too. Like always I decided try with cute dresses from this store but trying more dresses for fall and well this dress the model is not using with thights but probably I could like use more tjhis dress with tights or leggings. Another good point is that you can find these dame dresses in this store with different colors and sizes and that is pretty cool.

If you are looking  cheap dresses for women you must check this store because the prices are very reasonable and affordable and that is important to me. Because it´s fine a dress can be super pretty but the price is super pricey sorry but I am not going to buy it. I have priorities too. I like this last dress because looks like a more casual dress and the cut is super pretty and this is definitely something I could use for go out to a dinner. But If you see close or more close to this dress you can see that this is in fact a seater dress too. So I really like this mini dress. I almost forget to say that the first dress is exactly the colors of Fall and October. And for this last dress I feel that the mix between black and grey is perfect. Like always with this type of posts I want to know which was your favorite dress from this post.

Bye Bye!!


  1. woow cute dresses! nice choices ;)



  2. So cute! I can see why this is one of your favorite stores!

  3. beautiful choices!
    same here with me. Fall for me is just a rainy season

    The Sweetest Escape

  4. Beautiful selection of dresses!


  5. Really cute things !


  6. Wow. Beautiful autumn fall dresses. I would love to try them


  7. Great post hun xx


  8. Eric dress always have lovely clothes but i wish they would improve there quality


  9. Very cute selection. The last dress is beautiful. Kisses :)

  10. They are all very cute! Nice selection <3


  11. I love the last one!!!!
    Great post, Sakuranko!


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