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Sunday, August 13, 2017

the SAEM Saemmul Perfume BB Pact SPF25 PA++ "Review"

Hi Everyone!

I am here with a proper review like a proper beauty blogger. I am happy probably today hasn´t been the best day because I´ve veeb I bit stressed but right now I am happy because I have all the elements for publish this review. First I want start to say that this is my first time publishing a review about this korean brand the Saem. Several months ago I was looking for a good powder pact because I use powder pact everyday so when I was looking I find this product to a good price and with good quantity. So I decided give a try and buy this the SAEM Saemmul Perfume BB Pact SPF25 PA++ 20 gr. 

Back Side~

Quantity + Price: When I bought this product costs me $8.80 USD and with free shipping online. I guess this was a very great offer. The product contains 20 grams and for me that is a great deal because is the double of the regular size that is around 10 g and 12 gr. I was checking and you still can find this product online around $9 to $12 USD.

I love it this big sponge~

Has this tree or flower pattern~ This looks really cute~
And has this plastic cap~

The color is a bright beige~
This shade is #21 Pink Beige

Color + Texture: The texture is really smooth and the color is a bright pink and is a very pale color I was expecting something more beige but this is for a more fair skin I like even when is not so beige because helps to improves the complexion further the smooth texture provides a smooth effect and helps to reduce the big pores.


Before and After~ The only product that I am using is the the 
SAEM Saemmul Perfume BB Pact ~(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

*(ू•‧̫•ू⑅)♡ I want invite you to watch my short video review about this product!
This video is really cutw and short~

PROs and CONs

- Great floral scent.
- Good quantity of product 20 gr.
- Provides SPF25 PA++
- Good control of sebum.
- Matte effect.
- Smooth effect.
- Bright color for a good complexion.

へ CONs
- This powder pact only has two shades.
- On many countries you only can buy this product online (like me).


When I bought this product I saw two things, first the price I bought this powder pact for less of $10 USD I remember that the price was around $8.50 USD and second the quantity 20 gr. That is very impressive because the most of powders pacts contain only 10 to 12 gr. So that was very interesting. After been using this product since several months ago my impression hasn´t change since. This product has a good control of sebum so in my opinion is great for oily skin like mine but I can´t recommend this powder pact for dry skin because this product provides a very matte effect so probably could be too much matte for dry skin. Now I highly recommend this pact for oily skin.

The color is very pale is a very light beige, almost petal beige and this color is pink beige that for me is more like a petal beige because is really bright and pale and I love it 💖. Probably that is something negative the short range of shades of this item because only has two shades and sincerely I would like try the other shade cover beige because I really like the formula, It´s a shame the short range of shades for people with other skintones. The scent is really noticeable not strong but is not subtle either is there and is very perceptible just after few minutes after the application after that the scent dissapears. The scent is a floral scent and for me is fine because is not strongand doesn´t produces me any allergy.

The formula of this powder pact is very soft and fine but not so fine like the Innisfree Mineral Ultrafine Pact but is good too. The application looks pretty smooth and helps to reduce the very noticeable pores even with the matte effect. This product produce like the gaussian blur effect into the skin and that is great.

I really like this powder pact and I guess is a good investment. I want try other products from this brand and of course share here my reviews and opinions with you. ✿


the SAEM Saemmul Perfume BB Pact SPF25 PA++ "Review"

(^▽^) Well that was all for today~ I hope you enjoyed this  review~ 
I am working in more post and reviews ・*☆
A selfie after use the SAEM Saemmul Perfume BB Pact 

Bye Bye!!


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