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Friday, October 13, 2017

Korean Makeup Haul I

Hi Everyone!

Happy friday 13th~ (ΦωΦ) Today is a perfect day for watch horror movies. Now today I want share this haul of korean makeup. I want start to share between the months the products that I got in haul. If you are following me in Instagram you should know That I´ve received a lot of products recently and like I work in collaboration with some stores is hard find time for pubñish all the reviews that I want so for that reason I decided start with this small haul. I am sure that this is not so big  but I must confess that I buy only what I really need for the moment. 

By the way I am still waiting many korean makeup products that I bought with the recent offers in several korean webstores due October, but that will be for another post reason because this is the first post. But I want make of this a current segment in my blog like the reviews. 


I´ve wanted try this blush since the first time that I see the new collection of blushes and eyeshadows. This color is "Floria Pink" and is super soft and pretty I am already working in the review of this product but is exactly what I am looking for in a blush. 

Missha Smudge Proof Wood Brow

I haven´t tried this product yet and this is another eyebrow makeup product, because after my huge deception Secret Key My Style Fit Eyebrow Pencil. I decided that I needed a new makeup pencil for replace my old favorite ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Eye Brow I am not sure about this product but looks like a good eyebrow pencil.

Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint 4.5g

After my positive experience with the Etude House Dear Darling Water Gel Tint I decided that I needed try other popular lip tint of Etude House. This product is unopened yet so I don´t know nothing about the texture. But the color inside the bottle is looks so intense and pretty and I am very excited for try this product.

SKINFOOD My SHort Cake Eye Shadow

Lately I am fan of the singles eyeshadows. And I don´t know If is about because I have the chance of choice a single color that I really like and I know that I am going to use. The color of this eyeshadow is super shimmering. And If you saw my Instagram post you know that I am already working in the review. 

the SAEM Eco Soul Contour Palette

(ㅇㅅㅇ❀) Since I saw this palette I was interested in try this product. And I haven´t opened this product. I am excited for try this product(=´∇`=)

Well that was all for my post of today. Which product you would like to read the review first? Have you tried any of thse products? I would like to read your reply in the comments. I am happy with these new products and of course I am already working in more reviews. I hope you enjoyed this post. I want wish you a happy day~┏(^0^)┛

Bye Bye!!


  1. I often forget its' friday the 13th. Ol' Jason Vorhees made those movies popular yet it was his mother that was the villain in the first one.

  2. that skinfood eyeshadow is catch my eyes, sparkling...


  3. this is the first time am hearing of these products, they do look though. the short cake eyeshadow is something i would try.


  4. SOemtimes I like shimemring pink shades too)

  5. Great post! The pics are stunning. :)

  6. Me encantaría ver una reseña del rubor. A pesar de que tengo unos cuantos me cuesta hallar uno de un tono que me guste, el único hasta el momento ha sido el de Berry delicious pero igual es un tono fuerte.

  7. I love the lipsstick my dear!!! Have a good Sunday <3<3<3

  8. Me apetece mucho reseña del colorete, parece un tono de los que encajan con mi piel.
    Ciao, besitos

  9. Me ha gustado el haul, estaré pendiente a la reseña de la tinta de etude house ya que la quiero comprar a ver que tal es.

  10. Great products, enjoy all of them!

  11. el color de la tinta de etude se ve muy bonito, espero pronto ver el swatch

  12. Me parece preciosa la sombra individual, espero esa review y el tinte de Etude House también tiene muy buena pinta! No conocía tu blog así que me quedo por aquí ^^
    Si te quieres pasar por el mío, eres más que bienvenida! Besooos

  13. nice review...it would be cool to use this eye shadow

  14. Love the colourful post, babe! xoxo

  15. They sound amazing like the cheek tone powder

  16. I miss korean make up shops !
    THe lip tint lipstick looks amazing.

  17. I love Koreans and that short cake eye shadow.

  18. a pesar de ser unos productos pequeños Parecen increibles <3

  19. amazing post, i love this cosmetics <3
    http://wooho11.blogspot.com - i invite <3

  20. Great post my Dear.
    Have a lovely evening ;)

  21. Oh I've wanted to try the Tony Moly products for a long time.

  22. Los tintes de Etude House me gustan ene, más aún estos que traen harto producto :D


  23. A great review!
    I hope you like all the products!


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