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Monday, May 14, 2018


"Advertorial Post"

Hi everyone!

How is spent more of four days without WiFi? I don´t know but is very annoying when you have a lot of delayed work in your blog. But I am happy to be back today probably to be will be one of those weird days of two per one. Because I am going to publish two posts today because I need recover the lost time due the WiFi and today I am going to share one of my favorite things, shoes. My first pair are these cute pink flats and lately I´ve been looking for new flats in my life, but I had priorities. But now that I finished with several obligations I guess is time for buy a cute flats like these.

The last year I was looking some cute pumps like these but I was so busy with College that everything was the next month I am going to buy these shoes. The next month until the year finished and I did not bought nothing but I need pumps like these because are really cute and super girly. Sincerely I have to maintain my impulse to buy new shoes few days ago. But well If are neccesary there is not nothing for discuss.

I found the gray is one of my faorite colors and I can not deny that. Lately i bought several items in this color and the design of these sneakers are really cute reason because was my direct pick from this webstore. I published before about this webstore Berrylook and is great the variety of items that you can find from this webstore and the prices are very reasonable so are very affordable were your budget is thight like mine. so like always I want to know which is your favorite shoes from my picks. And let me know in the comments If you are visited this webstore in the past.

Bye Bye! 


  1. Todas as sugestões, são bem ao meu gosto... cada uma num estilo completamente diferente...
    Talvez os meus favoritos, sejam os primeiros... pois sendo práticos e elegantes, adaptam-se a uma variedade de situações e ambientes...
    E adoro a cor! Beijinhos! Feliz semana!

  2. Great post dear!
    Kisses :)

  3. Amo super demasiado los primeros!!! los deseo, y los negros no se quedan atrás hermosas!

  4. The first shoe is really lovely.
    And yeah it sucks not to have a wi-fi even for just a day.


  5. Very cute shoes, all of them and glad you have WiFi back!

  6. Me gusta mucho la selección que has realizado. Un saludo.

  7. Thanks a lot =)

    Great post, beautiful shoes =)

  8. I like the first option very much.


  9. Great selection. Pink sneackers are my favorites!


  10. Love the first set of shoe.


  11. I like all these shoes, specially the white shoe.



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