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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Korean Makeup Haul III "Jolse"

Hi Everyone!

I am back to my happy place. And well this is a very interesting story for tell. I was expecting this haul since March but results that the mail in my country is not so easy like in other places around the globe. and after 4 months the past Thursday I received my package in The Customs of my country. I am very happy because my package is compete but I am a little sad because take it so much time but the positive side I have my package and new products for try and publish reviews. By the way thank you so much for the support in my previous post.

This is a collaboration with Jolse reason because all the products are from this webstore. And I am very happy because there are two new korean brands that I will be very happy to try like is Beauty of Joseon and Beauty People so I am very happy to try new brands and of course new products.

I received these samples~
And now I am going to share and small Introduction about each product.

Missha Pro-Touch Face Pact SPF25 PA++ 10g

Micro particle powder provides enhanced adherence and coverage, giving skin an airbrushed finish.
The pressed powder easily adheres to the skin and is convenient to carry around.
The fine and light powder particle makes the skin natural and smooth.
Naturally covers the skin by adhering and filling the pores and rough skin.

I was looking for a powder pact with soft and very fine texture and I wanted something similar to my old but really loved Innisfree Mineral Ultrafine Pact. So I am very excited for try this powder and know If this is better or equal to my old beloved pact.

BEAUTY PEOPLE 365 Stay Waterproof Brush Pen Eyeliner 0.5g

The ink tank maintains the delicate and even touch.
A single touch expresses the deep and vivid colors.
Film type eyeliner with long-lasting power-proof effect.

This brand is new for me but I guess this gonna be a great product because early I did a swatch with great results.

the SAEM Eco Soul Skin Wear Foundation

A light and adhering liquid foundation that expresses the skin smooth.
The foundation lightly adheres and evenly covers the skin faults.
Eucalyptus leaf water and ceramide tends the skin smooth and clean.

I have a time using only BB Creams so I guess is time for return to the good foundations. So I decided try because I found very interesting the premise and of course the colors palette for me was different to the usual. The SAEM is a very good brand so I am excited and curious about this foundation. By the way is my first foundation from this brand so I am going to share my experience.

TIAM My Signature Red C Serum 30ml 

Concentrated vitamin C, B12, and glutathione soothe the skin with powerful whitening effects. Prevents skin pigmentation and skin troubles by suppressing melanin formation and transference. Anti-oxidant effect helps collagen synthesis that strengthen the damaged and stimulated skin. Pure vitamin C 20%, glutathione, and niacinamide improves the dull skin tone clearly and brightly. The light red color comes from vitamin B12 - a naturally red vitamin that calms the troubled skin. Concentrated gel type texture smoothly conveys firm nutrition and skin-protective vitality.

This one the recommended items by Jolse and is very popular product. I am a huge fan of Vitamin C reason because when I saw this new serum I was very excited for try this new one. If you remember the C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum product with I was delighted well is time for try the new evolution of that one.

Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream 50ml

Follows the skin care methods of Korean ancestors to vitalize the skin beauty.
The concentrated cream texture conveys ample moisture and nutrition to the skin.

Brightens and tightens the dull, dark, and sagging skin with tight elasticity.

I was checking blogs and reviews some months ago and I found a great review about this product super detailed and sharing about all the amazing ingredients and the result. This gonna be my first time trying Beauty of Joseon and I feel excited. I hope my skin can tolerate this product.

That was all for this post I hope you enjoyed the introduction about this Korean Makeup Haul. I am very happy with Jolse for this collaboration and I want again aplogize for the time for receive my package but this was completely out of my control. By the way I want to know, Which product you would like to read first review? Please reply me in the comments. I hope you have a great day.

Bye Bye!!


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