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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

So many Books

Hi Everyone!

If you have some time reading my posts you shoul already know that I have a special connection with the books. They are the engine in my life so many times. And I believe each human should have an special connection with something, and that something must be beyond of people. And that something should improve your relations with other people. I can´t express how much the books are changed my life for better. Always when I feel anxious a good book is the answer.

Sometimes I finish a book smiling or with tears on my eyes, sometimes I am really sad or really happy and in ocasions really intrigued about the next book and that is probably the story of my life how reader. I must confess that this year has had a lot of changes in my life because I am not anymore at College and I am decreased the number of book until the date of today. But I guess I am going to reach my goal. 

When I didn´t have wake up or think in the future I started to think in the next book that I was expecting to read and that made me feel better even when I was so sad so many times. 

I am not sure If this life I am going to have tie for read so manny books that I want read. Book that is a little exciting. Sincerely I hope I can find books in the heaven because I need a good read there. Without doubt the book makes my life more exciting.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I bought this cute necklace at eBay and I am very happy with this because is really cute. I hope you enjoyed this post. We see you in the enxt post~

Bye Bye!!


  1. Adorei o post, Sakuranko!
    Subscrevo a frase da tua medalha... que é belíssima!
    Também quero aproveitar as férias de Verão, no próximo mês, para pôr as minhas leituras mais em dia. Já faz algum tempo, que não leio, com a frequência que desejaria...
    Beijinhos! Boa semana!

  2. I love books as well for some many reasons and couldn't imagine a life without them.

  3. As usual interesting! Thanks for the post)

  4. I love books too! Such a cute necklace. <3


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