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Sunday, September 30, 2018

BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte #4 Intelligent Review

Hi Everyone!

The raining season is where I live and I can´t say I am happy about this. Sincerely I changed a lot with the years my feeling about the rain. Some years ago I enjoyed when I was in home but I discovered the rain can be a real pain in the ass when you are adult and you have clothes for wash and a complete series of things that are not related to the rain. Today I have a product for share about a brand that I enjoyed since the first time that I tried their products and this is the time for the korean brand BBIA. 

Since I discovered the korean makeup I can say that for my lips I use almost all the time lip tints and is very odd for me use lipsticks. This lipstick was a gift from a friend. And I was a time thinking about publish the review about this BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte so today I decided publish this review.

The Back side of this box

Security Code of BBIA


The color is #4 Intelligent

BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte

Packaging and Price: Like you can see the packaging is very minimalist, with a strong but pretty deep rich red color. The price is around $6 to $9 USD with fre shipping at eBay and I think that is great price for a lipstick is super affordable.

Texture and Color: The color is the number 4 is called Intelligent and this color goes from a medium cold coral to a nude with some oranges touches. This is a nude matte color but the texture to a difference to other matte lipsticks in my life in the past this is super creamy and moisturizing and believe when I say this because I have sensitive and dry lips.

BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte Intelligent


This is how looks the BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte on my lips

PROs and CONs

- Cute and simple packaging
- Good pigmentation
- Moisturizing even when is matte effect
- Matte effect
- Creamy and soft texture
- Easy application

- The color is not long lasting
- On many countries you only can buy this brand online.


The reason because I does not have many lipsticks is because I hate how many of them make my lips super dry even when I am using moisturizing lip balm previous. And I don´t like that I hate when my lips looks super dry and not pretty. And the worst is when there are dry patches on my lips but I am happy to say that with this lipstick doesn´t happens that. This is super moisturizing and I was suprised with that creammy texture and moisturizing but matte effect. I apply this product with a lip brush because I am a complete mess without a lip brush but I love how this doesn´t become clumpsy and like is creamy the application is easy and quickly.

If you are looking for a matte effect and for a lipstick with an affordable price this is the right for you. This shade is like a coral cold nude with oranges touches. I love it the shade and definitely I want try more products from this brand. By the way If you remember my review about the Bbia Last Pen Eyeliner that is another great product to an excellent price too. 

This is not a long lasting product so after eat or drink you need reapply but that is not a problem If you are not looking exactly a long lasting product. The lipsticks are a good investment because for the price of one lipstick of another brand you can buy two different shades of this one because the price is around $6 USD at ebay with free shipping. So I really recommend this product.


Selfie time using the BBIA Last Lipstick Velvet Matte #4 Intelligent

I hope you enjoyed my review about this great product of BBIA
I am always happy to share reviews of good products ~ヾ(^∇^)
My best wsihes to you~

Bye Bye!!


  1. Very pretty colour, babe! xoxo

  2. Such a lovely shade! Thanks for the introduction!

  3. ME ha gustado mucho el color y el que digas que a pesar de tener acabado mate su textura es cremosa y suave me dan ganas de probarlos.

  4. I love how subtle the colors are! so pretty!


  5. I'm really curious to try! Seems to be amazing :D

  6. Beautiful color ❤

  7. el tono es muy bonito , creo no cococer esta marca

  8. The color looks super soft and suits you very well dear!
    Love the packaging too <3



  9. The shade is so lovely and suits you very well!


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