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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bandage Jeans

“Change a word or two, even a single letter, and you change the entire story.”
― Samantha Shannon, The Mime Order

Hi Everyone!

This time with a new coordinate. Don´t think for a second that I don't want to continue to publishing coordinates. The issue is that I always want to create a good coordinate with different locations and a lot of different stuff. I feel so tired today because I worked a lot today in different areas but I am here because even when all the tired how I feel, for me blogging is something that I take very serious is for that even when despite the advertorial for me this is is a lifestyle now.

Sometimes I see myself like younger than I really I am and the reason is that probably I picture myself always about how I look and I always want to look even more young that I really I am. And sincerely I don't guess that this feeling is wrong but like an adult now I feel that my blog will be something that is part of me and my essence. I´ve been doing this for over 8 years now and now I decided to manage my time for work in my blog enough time like I want and how my blog deserves now. 

This time I want to share part of my coordinate that is basically my blouse and shoes from eBay and this time is the turn of my bandage jeans that are sponsored by the website Dresslily in exchange of my honest opinion. The quality is pretty good my only issue was with the size because I picked the M because I am that size in these pants but I had to send this to the seamstress because Did not fit in the waist as I should and it was big. 

But I love it the detail in the legs and like I mentioned before the quality is pretty good. These jeans are super comfortable and I love it the high waist style.

I want to invite you to visit for more amazing clothes 

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Like always I want to know your opinions about my style and about this coordinate~(*⌒∇⌒*) in the comments and I will be happy to read it~

Bye Bye!!


  1. You are always look pretty as a teenager, darling!!

    love your outfits!!

  2. Love the combo. And you look fabulous, Sakuranko.

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Great jeans. You look fantastic :)

  4. Unas fotos preciosas! Espero verte pronto por mi blog! Feliz día ! 🤗🤗🤗

  5. Your jeans are stunning and they look great on you, dear!

  6. that style really suits you!

  7. Your jeans are super cool!
    xx Rena

  8. You look so pretty!!!Have a successful day dear!

  9. Super cute outfit. I hope you are able to get some rest soon.

  10. pretty....
    aww...love your boot

  11. Que bonitos jeans. ¡Un abrazo!

  12. Spodnie wyglądają świetnie :)

  13. Hola! Son unos jeans muy chulos, y me gusta como los has combinado con la blusa, un look muy bonito!

  14. Todo es precioso! Es un placer leerte! Gracias por la visita! 💋💋💋

  15. looking great!
    have a wonderful weekend,

  16. Hola linda, gracias por pasarte por mi blog ♥ Me gusta mucho tu outfit, la camiseta es muy bonita y los jeans siempre quedan bien, son originales y parecen muy cómodos! Un abrazo!

  17. You look very young and extremely pretty in your outfit photos.
    Your hair looks gorgeous, your floral print blouse is pretty,
    and you look very attractive wearing those blue bandage jeans from Dresslily.

  18. Such a cute outfit and the detailing on your jeans really makes them stand out.

  19. A very nice and stylish look, dear!

  20. thank yo visit blog
    thank you sister

  21. ;)

    Adorei o jeans. É lindo!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  22. nice article.
    thanks for sharing

  23. Adorei o look! Gostei imenso dos jeans! São bem originais! Ainda não tinha visto nada no género... E estão super bem combinados com a linda blusa!
    As fotos estão fantásticas... e tu, linda como sempre, Sakuranko!

  24. You look beautiful dear, kisses 😍


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