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Wednesday, September 25, 2019


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

Yay I am back after so many days without to be here. I guess is amazing how the time flies but I´ve been busy working outside of my blog. Well, I worked in my blog too because I´ve take so many great shots so now I am in progress with many reviews. I can not believe that is already September. That remember me that the time doesn´t stop for nobody. The time works like works and is not gonna stop. I feel happy because I´ve been working on small projects that I´ve accomplished in small time. I must confess that I would like to sleep a little right now I´ve been days without sleep as I should. Today I am here to a talk a little about a great webstore called Beautyforever that has amazing wigs with black hair with highlights but not only that but amazing hair extensions and more. Now is trending the face front lace wigs that are a very popular trend. I just can thin that Halloween is coming and with that all the amazing styles that you can reach with a wig.

Sincerely I guess the wigs are for everyone and they are not such thing like a specifical type of wigs for one specifical type of women because I guess anyone can use amazing and beautiful wigs like this webstore sells. I am happy that since time is very popular the wigs. When I was a teenager the wigs were something like only for costumes or cosplay but right now the situation is completely different and I feel blessed for that because now If I want I could use a beautiful for a wig. I love it that the technology has advanced and now the wigs can look more natural than before and that is great. Sincerely If I could have the budget and time I would like to design a new character for this Halloween but I am very sure that I am not gonna have time for that. 

By the way, If you are planning any Halloween costume about which character are you planning have to make please let me know too. I am curious about the picks about Halloween costumes this year.

I feel like I am a huge fan of the wigs with waves, I am not sure If the reason behind that is the fact that I love it that natural way with waves or is because simply I love something different to my straight hair. I am always thinking about that fact. But in any way this last pick of mine from this webstore is fabulous. I love it this cute long wig the color is cute, the design is cute and the waves are amazing. The wigs with volume and style are great too. Like always I want to invite you to visit this webstore and let me know your opinion about the products or If you are a little interested in wigs and you are more interested about others things let me know what you think about the wigs that I pick from this webstore too. I am always open to different times of opinions that is one of my favorite things about blogging. Well, I hope you can find this post informative and like always thank you for visiting my blog and for your good support. By best wishes to you in this day and hour.

Bye Bye!


  1. wigs will be perfect for Halloween, as one of the costumes ☺
    best regards

  2. Estupendo post!
    Espero verte pronto por mi blog! Feliz día!

  3. I always want to try a different style of wig but then I feel like I'm lying to people about myself and I'm trying to be someone I'm not.. hahah stupid :D
    Well I'm thining about "SAW" costume for Halloween :)

  4. Very beautiful.Thanks for the inmormation! xx

  5. These wigs are gorgeous, I would never had guessed they were wigs, so lovely!! x

  6. Wow, looks interesting!    

  7. I've worn wigs for Halloween for sure, but they're just the cheap ones from the drug store. These ones are fab!

  8. awesome posting. It was very happy to be here again. Your posts are awesome

    Big Hello from Indonesia

  9. These wigs looks very nice and natural. :)

  10. I love those wigs, I would love to try something new :)

  11. Those are stunning! had me fooled thinking it was real hair. I t certainly it's nice to see the taboo of wigs nearly gone. They are a nice tool to have to make big changes in style


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