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Sunday, November 3, 2019

[JOLSE] moonshot Cream Paint Tintfit Bloom Peach

Hi Everyone!

Try a new brand is always exciting because I am not sure what to expect, I saw this brand a lot at Instagram because Lisa of the famous group BLACKPINK is the ambassador and face of this brand. I love it all the concept about the space because is different that I´ve been following during years at Korean Makeup too. This year I decided to try different formats respect to lip tints and that is the reason because I picked this product in particular because will be the first time trying cream paint lip tint. 

This is part of my collaboration with the amazing webstore Jolse but like always all the opinions are based on my own experience with this product. 

Back Side Box~ Directions + Cautions

This shade is 501 Bloom Peach

moonshot Cream Paint Tintfit 4.5g Bloom Peach

🌙 Packaging + Price: I like the packaging for me is so pretty first the box looks like lava and moon surface which is great for me. And has small details like satellite and something that looks like one star. And the name of the brand is in this cute silver style and I like the box. The tube of lip tint itself has this shiny black color with peach gradient and for me is fabulous.

Expiration Date

501 Bloom Peach Shade

Swatch Bloom Peach Moonshot

🌙Texture + Color: This is a dense cream, to describe the texture I need that you remember how is to work with acrylic paint. And I know this says cream paint but is so similar. The color is a deep peach for me is more like reddish-orange with a strong peach or coral effect but not completely peach. I don´t like the texture because is not an easy texture to apply. First applying only with the applicator that has the product is a complete mess. I am going to extend my opinions in the conclusions.

Bloom Peach Full Lips

Gradient Lips

PROs and CONs

🌙 PROs
- High pigmentation
- Cute packaging
- Good quantity
- Nice aroma

🌙 CONs
- Not long-lasting effect.
- Drying effect.
- The application is not easy.
- In many countries you only can but this product online.


I picked this product with high expectations I am sad but I need to say that this product did not reach my expectations. Like I was saying before for me there is a problem with the formula this is too drying the product dries so quick and not in a good way. For me the application is tricky and messy If you look my lips look more dry than usual with this lip tint I feel like If I were applying acrylic paint on my lips not only the texture looks like that It feel so dry on my lips that I feel in the same way sincerely the pigmentation is good and that is nice but the formula is not long-lasting. This is gonna disappear after you drink a cup of water so I feel like I can´t recommend this product because we're so many disappoints together and I feel sorry.

By the way, I tried this lip tint with lip balm and was another mess because the dry patches were more noticeable. I guess the best way for applying this product is with a clean lip brush and start trying with small amounts of the product first. My rating is low but for me the product It´s ok.


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(´。• ω •。`) This was my review for today
( 〃▽〃)  Thank you so much to Jolse for allowing me to cooperate agai
Happy day~

Bye Bye!!


  1. Den Farbton finde ich wunderschön, passt zu dir. LG Romy

  2. I like this on you, pretty colour :-D

  3. it's a shame it's so average, because the packaging has very nice
    best regards

  4. Oh! So that would be a no-no for me... Thanks for this amazing review sweetie! ♥

  5. No conocía la marca pero se ve muy bonito el color. Un beso

  6. I'm so sad because of your experience, but hope the next product you buy satisfies you a lot! :)
    Have a nice week babe!


  7. I like the color very much, but visually it doesn't look too good

  8. It looks elegant and color is amazing :)

  9. This colour looks really nice on your lips ;)

  10. The color is nice. It's too bad it's drying though which is a really negative quality for any type of lip product.

  11. It's better to apply moisture before use lipstick to reduce the dryness.

  12. Then shade is beautiful. It is too bad the product is not great.

  13. Great post, Thanks for sharing,
    I'm following you! X.

  14. Thanks for the honest review. Too bad it's drying.

  15. It doesn't look very good at all.

  16. It looks very good on your lips :-) 

  17. Sakuranko, thank you for visiting my blog. I want to ask. Did you want to know more about God and how He sent Jesus to die for our sin? I wasn't sure what you were trying to say in your comment. Thank you.

  18. No conocia esta marca pero he de decirte que me gusta el color. Un beso

  19. Beautiful, vibrant peach colour. Love it.

  20. The packaging is nice. Thank you for a good and honest review. Best wishes for the rest of the week.

  21. I like the colour! Thanks for the honest review.

  22. Bonito color. Un gusto leerte. Saludos.

  23. I like this color but effect on mouths that not like me give.

  24. Too bad it is not that great☺

  25. Una pena que no funcione muy bien porque el color es muy bonito! Besos

  26. I love the packaging on this, too.
    A matted look is nicer than glossy, I think .

  27. love to read "pro and con" ….
    have a great day

  28. La verdad es que el tono es muy bonito, pero se nota que el labial reseca los labios.


  29. No conozco la marca, pero que buena pinta ;)

  30. Hi! I haven´t tried thar brand but the lipstick has a wonderful shade.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

  31. it is a shame that the application is difficult and that it doesn't last long. This shade is very pretty, though.

  32. I prefer long-lasting effect, so not for me:/

  33. Widać, że produkt wysusza usta

  34. ¡Vaya color más chulo!
    Es precioso
    Besos ♡

  35. The shadow is really pretty!

  36. Que pena o produto não ter correspondido às expectativas!
    Mas adorei o post, como sempre, e a sua sincera opinião, Sakuranko!


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