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Thursday, March 26, 2020


“You must find the magic that warms your skin in winter, the magic that perceives what cannot be seen, the magic that curls in your gut with fierce power and will not let you give up, no matter how long or cold the days.”
― Mary E. Pearson, Dance of Thieves
Hi Everyone!

Recently I read this quote because I finished that book a few days ago and I feel so comforted that quote because right now I guess each person to different levels is experimenting with high quantities of stress. Right now I am in quarantine my country is in quarantine so is complicated. But I am in better conditions than a lot of people and that makes me feel blessed. Probably you are feeling really anxious right now but If you have food and you are working from home and the most important thing If you are healthy you have more than a lot of people right now. 

I enjoy so much the monochrome photos, all the photos in this post were shot by Rafael Mesa an amazing photographer. If you have some time following me probably some of these photos are familiar to you and that is because these are unpublished monochrome photos. 

I know this is my first post after so many days without publishing nothing but between my bad wifi and I couldn't find inspiration to publishing nothing where I am here. Now I am more a booklover that anything else on this planet. I would like to live just reading forever. Why so serious in the photos? Some people asked me before. Well, my lovelies that is my confident expression most of the time. 

I am a very serious girl who loves books of fantasy. When you are an introvert person like me you can enjoy the insolation and the solitude. My best recommendation is to have a daily routine and turn off social media and obviously find a good hobby. I enjoy besides to read watch movies and tv series. Or you could learn something online like a new language. By the way, If you need to organize your closet or clean your kitchen this is a good time too.

One of the reasons because I enjoy reading is because I can travel when I can´t leave the place where I am. So basically my advice for everyone is to read a good book If you feel that you need to go out. I´ve spent so long of my life reading that for me that is a lifestyle. Probably right now everything looks gray but the thing with everything is that all is cyclic and nothing is forever. Right now are gray and cold days for many people around the globe and I guess in some way this has helped us to feel the echo of other countries and how each action has a repercussion just like the butterfly effect.

I know is not easy, but where are you going to find a way out. I never thought that my post will these photos were my inner thoughts about this situation about yeah that is. 

My best wishes to you~
Stay at home and be healthy 💗

Bye Bye!!


  1. Beautiful photos. I love books but I prefer crime stories :)

  2. ¡¡Holii!!
    I have also started reading recently. I have too much time to fill.

  3. I love yous photos. The photos have great mood :)

  4. Great photos dear, you look amazing :-D

  5. Totally agree, I love books. These photos are amazing dear! Stay safe! xoxo

  6. Somuch reading and so much watching Netflix :)

  7. Urocze te zdjęcia :) Czasem chodzą za nami jakies cytaty ;) . Mimo wirusa brakuje czasu na czytanie

  8. The outfit you were wearing in these fabulous photographs looks wonderfully feminine and pretty. I love the layered look of the mini-dress, the belt, short puff sleeves, the hat, and the white hosiery. You look very pretty wearing it.
    I love these monochrome photos.
    Best wishes to you as well! xx <3

  9. Only advantage of having to stay at home is that there is a lot of time to read books

  10. What a beautiful look. I like this sailor dress on you. You look adorable.

  11. Adorei as suas fotos, Sakuranko, e esta bonita publicação, em que nos dá a conhecer a sua paixão pelo universo dos livros!...
    Também adoro ler, por isso a compreendo tão bem!
    Beijinhos! E votos de tudo por aí a correr o melhor possível!


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