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Saturday, July 17, 2021


 "Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to be here, wow is summer and I am here resting I am going to be publishing the content that is already only for publishing my blog during this weekend and part of the next week. The reason for that is that I am still resting after my surgery. I love summer dresses and I don't care If I can´t buy or use all the cute dresses I really love the designs. I want to share with you a new website that is perfect for buy cute clothing not only for kids but parents as well but the main focus are the kids of different ages and this website is called Popopieshop. Of course, I am going to share my favorite picks on this website but I must confess that I am very surprised with all the styles because all are so cute. For me is not easy to find a place online where I can find so many cute items but this place is the right place to buy cute clothing.

The matching family clothes are really cute not only in the photos but in real life too. I don´t have kids but I guess all those photos where mommy and daddy match their outfits with their kids are lovely. The kids are not going to be babies or kids forever so is nice when you can match your outfit with your kid. I can´t believe I reached that age where many of my knowns have children. I have my little cousins and I would be happy to buy them at Popopieshop. Something that I find very interesting is that you can buy items depending of the age at months so is great for buy for babies too.

The floral dresses are perfect for the spring and summer seasons I guess the floral dresses are a must-have and you can find so many pretty models at this webshop. The mommy and me clothes are so pretty I like how many cute different clothes are in this section and I highly recommend this to all the mommies. I can´t believe that is already the first have of July sincerely my plans are been a little different from what I was expecting for this month. But we need to be flexible, is something I learned these summer months has been that we need to beflexible and enjoy the life. If something makes you happy work to have the chance to experiment with that feeling almost all the time. I hope you can find this website interesting. Happy weekend.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Oh this are lovely! I have seen some photoshots were parents and kids have matching outfits and they are so cute! Also, summer dreeses look so comfy

  2. ¡Holaa! Nunca me he probado una ropa de ese estilo, pero se ven muy lindas y tiernas. Espero que disfrutes tu descanso!!
    Besoss ♥

  3. Mom and daughter look is the best! Hopefully soon I can do that too with my future daughter hehe :)
    Thank you for sharing dear!


  4. Summer dresses are sobie pretty.
    Have a good rest after your operation. 😘

  5. Um post com adoráveis sugestões! Gostei imenso!
    Só agora consegui passar por aqui, não tinha ideia, de que tinha feito uma cirurgia, Sakuranko... estimo que tudo tenha corrido pelo melhor... desejando-te deste já as tuas rápidas melhoras!
    Um beijinho! Continuação de um bom domingo, e agora vou espreitar o que recentemente perdi por aqui...
    Cuide-se bem!

  6. Boa tarde. Desejo plena recuperação e parabéns pelos vestidos lindos e maravilhosos.

  7. Jestem zauroczona takimi zestawami mama córka :) Cudowne, urocze, słodkie :)


  8. Nice dresses
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Kisses ♥

  9. Que vestidos más lindos!! Son preciosos, me encantan. Un beso

  10. I love mom-and-daughter matching look. Last time I saw such cuteness was from Elie Saab collection. I was like, "if I have a daughter, I will match our outfits together." haha

  11. Muy bonito. Gracias por la información.


  12. Hola!! wow, para esas madres que quieren hacer lucir a sus hijas bellas, se ven genial

  13. Wow very pretty! Thanks for sharing this!

  14. I hope you are well after the operation ☺
    these dresses are very cute ��

  15. It's so sweat! I love these clothes :)

  16. Thanks a lot =) It was amazing.

    Interesting post with a nice shop. This dresses are all cute =)

  17. Hola Sakuranko,

    Me alegra saber que estás mejor :)

    Todas las propuestas de Popopieshop son preciosas, dan ganas de hacerse con todo el inventario de la tienda jeje

    Un abrazo y disfruta mucho del día.

  18. Fascinantes vestidos!
    Diverte - te!
    Um doce abracinho!
    Megy Maia🐦♡ 🐦

  19. Vestiti veramente carini. Saluti.

  20. sooo cute both mother and daughter looks beautiful����


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