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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Zoah Mascarilla Facial Anti-Edad "Zoah Anti-Aging Facial Mask" Review

Hi Everyone!

This is Zoah Anti-Aging Facial Mask and this is a product for my Zoah collection of reviews. I bought this product several months ago because I wanted to try this facial mask that has an interesting version in the roll-on.  I have no cooperation with this brand I am making this review because I want to share my opinions about this product. 

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PROs and CONs

- Affordable price
- Honey aroma
- Good for my sensitive skin
- Calming effect
- Moisturizing effect
- Easy Application

- You only can buy this product at Local drugstores in Venezuela


I bought this product because I found this product has very good ingredients and the cost was low in comparison to other masks. This is an antiaging product, this contains Niacinamide and extract of Yeast that are good for the skin for the anti-inflammatory properties so I found in the ingredients Centella Asiatica and Glycerin so there are good ingredients for the skin. This product has a cost of $3 which is a very low cost the packaging looks cheap. The product itself is a liquid essence (for me this is something like a serum) that you apply to your skin and after 15 minutes your rinse with cold water.

I noticed luminous and moisturized skin where I applied the product. The skin feels a little sticky after the application but when you rinse your skin with water the skin feels fresh and calms, this product provided me a calming effect. This is not an indispensable product in my daily routine I use this product twice per week, this works good for me and is very nice If you use this product before do your makeup due to the luminosity and the moisturized effect. Be careful always If you are allergic to honey. I am very happy with this product and I must confess this is my favorite product of all the products I tried before. I´ve been using this product for several months and I am happy with the luminous and moisturizing effect. I recommend this product because is good and affordable.


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  1. color is fantastic, good preference ;)

  2. Um produto que ainda não conhecia! Agrada-me muito esta possibilidade em roll-on!
    Adorei a sugestão! Beijinhos! Feliz semana, estimando que tudo esteja bem, contigo e com os teus, Sakuranko!

  3. Some people are alergic to honey, it's good that you mentioned clearly that they should be careful.

  4. Sounds like a nice product.


  5. Is so good to know there are affordable products out there that still of good quality, providing really good value.

  6. Looks so easy to use and wear <3

  7. I'd love to try it! Sounds like a great product.

  8. Very nice products, I like it :)

    Best Regards

  9. ¡Holaa! Esta se la daría de regalo a mi mamá, aunque no le gusta usar mucho esto así que tal vez me lo guarde.

  10. it is too far for me to buy this product ;-)

  11. I've never heard about this brand. Looks interesting :)

  12. Hmm, this product looks easy to apply. Most masks have to be applied using fingers. This one is like a deodorant application style. The calming and moisturising effect will be good for dry skin and sun burnt like in my country. Thanks for the review

  13. Thanks for your review, dear!

  14. That is a bummer that we can't get it here.

  15. ¡Hola! ^^
    Pues tiene pinta de estar muy bien esta mascarilla.

  16. Hola!!
    Suena bastante bien a decir verdad, quizá me anime a probarla mas adelante.
    Gracias por compartir!
    Nos leemos pronto
    Fer :"3

  17. Interesting product, it's a pity that it is unavailable for me

  18. Tiene muy buena pinta. Lástima que solo se pueda comprar en Venezuela!!

  19. No conozco esta marca, pero la mascarilla tiene buena pinta.


  20. Skin Care is important and looks great!


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