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Sunday, January 23, 2022

KZ EDX Pro Dynamic HiFi Earphone Mic Sports


Hi Everyone!

The last days have been a little weird because my mind wants to keep working and my body is just like: No my friend stays resting on your bed stays there all day. And sincerely I´ve been resting the most part of the time now this next week I need to start looking for a new job so I feel a little anxious. I know I should not worry about things that don´t happen yet but that is my way. 

Today I want to share with you my KZ EDX Pro Dynamic HiFi Earphone Mic Sports are good earphones that I bought I guess in November 2021 but I received them later thanks to all the delayed packages. This is not a sponsored review or anything like that I am just sharing here these earphones because I like the design the quality is impressive and I want to share to you quality stuff like this.

I bought these earphones on a website called shenzhenaudio my experience as a customer was very positive I received the package in good time despite the delay. The design is pretty and I guess my only complaint is that my ears are petite and they feel not so lightweight but that is not a problem because I don´t use them for long periods of time.

Well I must confess these are perfect to listen ASMR that is my favorite for sleep. I picked this brand thanks to my boyfriend. So yeah I feel very happy with thse arphones the sound bass is amazing. Please  let me know in the comments If you have a favorite brand of earphones and If you knew about this brand.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Oohh!! I am glad that you liked them, that brand is pretty good quality even though they are inexpensive. Definitely great value

  2. Just right now I'm listening ASMR too for keep concentrated! I must renew my earphones! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

  3. I should buy myself something like that.
    Listen to your body and stop working for some time. We shouldn't ignore what the body is telling us. It never ends well....

  4. These looks amazing, thanks for sharing! xoxo
    Home Chic Club

  5. Qué auriculares más chulos! Me encantan. A mí me pasa bastante eso de que mi cabeza quiere seguir adelante pero mi cuerpo está demasiado cansado... Un abrazo!

  6. It is a good brand for the price which is very good.
    I send you a kiss, take care.

  7. Que bom, que foi uma compra que correspondeu às expectativas! Ficarei atenta à marca, se precisar substituir os meus!...

  8. Thank you very much for useful post!

  9. Once you're into high quality earbuds it's no turning back! Thanks for the review.


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