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Monday, June 24, 2024

ETUDE Dear Darling Oil Tint Review

Hi Everyone!

I feel excited to be here with you and share three of my favorite products of the last days. I am talking about the ETUDE Dear Darling Oil Tint  Red Oil with three beautiful shades: No. 2 Plum Berry, No. 4 Red Oil, and No. 5 Red Oil which I received as part of my collaboration with Picky.   I received this product for free from Picky and ETUDE in exchange for my honest review ❤️

But as always all my opinions are based on my experience with these oil tints. I have tried oil tints before but these are different in some ways. The first is that I must confess the packaging is very cute I have my fate in Etude renewed after this. It has been a long time since my last review of this brand but I always have this brand as one of my favorites because this was one of my first Korean brands. 

Dear Darling Oil Tint

Juicy & glossy lip stain with moisturizing oil care

Dazzling Gloss & Moisture-Rich Formula
The sparkling oil gloss layer creates lasting, dazzling lips

Juicy and Lively Shades
From vivid red to dazzling pink, the colors stay vibrant and lively

-Moisturizing Care for Lips
Enriched with over 70% nourishing & high-shine oils, it smooths flaky lips for a sleek, moist finish

Plum Berry No.2

No.2 Plum Berry
Rich Cool Red Oil Tint 

No. 4 Sweet Apple
Subtle Natura Coral Shade

No.5 Red Oil
Almost transparent shade with a little touch of red
Sheer is almost just like lip gloss

⬇ No. 2 Plum Berry, No. 4 Sweet Apple No. 5 Red Oil

PROs and CONs

- Cute Packaging
- Pigmented Shades
- Moisturizing Effect
- Easy Application
- Shiny Effect
- Vibrant Colors

- In many countries, you only can buy this product online.


This product is so pretty, the packaging is pretty and that is a plus. The cute packaging is something that I appreciate because cute things make me feel pretty. Ah, that is something I  enjoy with these lip oils the packaging is pretty.  The first I need to comment on is that lip oils make you look shiny so If you are looking for a shiny effect these oil tints are the perfect product. If you are not looking for a shiny gloss stay away from these. 

The Number 2. Plum Berry is a vibrant and rich red cool oil tint. But The No. 4 Sweet Apple is less pigmented and the color is more natural and Subtle. No5. Red Oil is almost like a lip gloss the shade is so sheer. You can combine these three products perfectly I like to put them on top of other lip tints or I use them on my bare lips. The effect is natural and fresh. The application is easy. The color is not long-lasting but the effect is pretty and I  can re-apply. 


You can buy these lip oil

I hope you can find this review informative ❤
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