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Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Watery

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〜∧( 'Θ' )∧ I´m here with a new review~ I shared on Instagram a pic of this cute BB Cream and is very great. I want try all the series of theses BB Creams from Holika Holika. Well this BB Cream is the Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Watery. Holika Holika is one of my favorite Korean Brand because is cheap but has very good products like this BB Cream.  I tried another BB Cream from this series Holika Holika Petit BB Cream and was the Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Clearing. This is not a sponsored review I bought this product with my own money. 

(*´∀`) If you want read the review about the 

Back Sideー ♡

Packaging: The packaging is a light green tube with a black cap. The from has a cute cat with a ball I think is cute because has the word BB with cute font so I like it because is small but has a nice amount of BB Cream.

I love it this~ The Expiration Date~ ( ^ω^ )

Price & Quantity: The price is absolutely cheap, $6 with Free Shipping on eBay. The quantity is about 30 gr and you only need a small amount and you can apply on all your face, I love it because has good quantity and good price. 

Fragrance + Color + Texture: The fragrance is soft like rose but very soft, I love it because I don´t like the chemical fragrance, but this is like roses fragance very soft. The color is light beige and I love it this color more than the Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Clearing because that color was very gray/pink/honey beige and this is just like light beige and I like it more I feel this suits better on my skin tone. 

On my hand~ ⊂(´ω´⊂)))

The difference~

Before and After~

PROs and CONs

- It is cheap.
- Has a nice fragrance.
- The coverage is light.
- Has SPF 25++
- Has a good control of oily skin.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online.


First I think this is an excellent BB Cream for everyday, because has a light coverage and when I go to College  I want a Coverage with a light coverage. This product is lightweight and the finish is dewy and cute and I like it because is perfect if you want a natural and healthy face. If you want a good coverage maybe you need another BB Cream because the coverage is light / medium. I love it that has SPF25++ because I always want protect my skin of the sun. Now ( *`ω´)♥︎  I love it this BB Cream. I think I prefer the dewy finish over the matte finish sometimes. The Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Clearing is good but the tone and the matte finish is good for rainy days. But this Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Watery is perfect to me for everyday. I recommend this BB Cream.


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  1. I like dewy finish too lately :D Thanks for the review, I might buy this BB cream :D


  2. Tiene un tono muy natural!!
    Un beso

  3. I like the colour of this Petit BB cream much more than the colour of the one that you reviewed earlier. I think it looks much better and I might just need to pick it up as I'm slowly running out of BB cream and this seems to be a good product for a really tiny price.
    Thank you for the review!


  4. nice product!!

  5. Great review of what looks like an awesome bb cream!

  6. Nice review! The colour is quite light, but really cheap BB cream!

  7. Hello from Spain:great brand. I like bb cream. Keep in touch

  8. Looks really nice! And it's super affordable!
    Take care*

  9. You're tempting me so much!!! I think someday I'll buy a Holika Holika product, I don't know what in particular but I'm already in love with those kawaii package.
    Btw, this BB cream looks better than the other one as its shade matches better your skin!
    Have a nice weekend

  10. The bb cream creams are wonderful. Loved it! :)

  11. I feel that Holika Holika has the best BB creams and the price is also very reasonable. I haven't any others of theirBB creams except for the Aqua Jelly Petit because I'm hooked and so skeptical to try anything else. I think all of their BB creams a good anyway, ;)

  12. It seems all of Holika Holika's BB creams are really nice. Especially with the price tag on this one, it's such a steal. I'd like to try a couple of them as well. Thanks for the review xoxo <3

  13. This product looks really great!
    Have a beautiful Sunday cutie! ^^

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG ✿ ❤

  14. I haven't tried this before, but I like how the packaging is small and convenient to carry around. Didn't know it has a rose scent - i love rose scents! :) Thanks for the lovely review~ ^^

  15. Glad I have Holika2 here in Malaysia! will check it out!

  16. Simplemente me encanta esta línea de bb cream de Holika Holika, son muy económicas y buenas


  17. You got such pretty skin and the bb cream enhances it even more (*^^*) It looks really good on you <3

  18. I love Korean products.. great review. Happy weekend!

  19. great review :)

  20. lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach

  21. ohh great review!! i love love products that smell like roses :) your skin looks so beautiful without it.. but even more flawless with it on!!

  22. Great review sweetheart...Thx for sharing..:-)xx

  23. This would be great during summer, thanks for the review!

    Secrets of Camille

  24. These bb creams from holika holika seem to be great. They're quite cheap, too. I'd like to try the green one because of the dewy effect :)

  25. It looks very good, I might give it a try ^^

  26. I love Holika Holika, ut I've haven't tried this BB Cream.


  27. really need to get one bb cream :) great post and blog!


  28. Hola, Sakuranko! Pues me has convencido con esta review! A mí también me gustan los acabados jugosos y de cobertura ligera! Por cierto, me quedo por tu blog! :)

  29. Genial el producto! El acabado es muy lindo!
    Saludos! :)

  30. Result is fantastic! Great product :))

  31. this looks interesting dear. Have a great Monday! :)

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    What Kenny Hearts a Lifestyle Blog

  32. Fabulous dear!
    Have a blessed week ahead of you!
    kisses from Miami,

  33. great review!
    i lobe bb creams for an
    everyday look! :)
    xoxo Rose

  34. Thx for the comment :)

  35. Great review!! Love bb creams!


  36. Sounds like a great price for a good product! Great review! T.

  37. Love that it has a great scent. Great review.

  38. thanks for sharing !

  39. Esta bb cream esta en mi lista nueva junto con la morada de la linea por ser más bien amarillas y no tan rosadas/gris como dices... se ve que cubre muy bien y el precio esta buenisimo =)

  40. Parece que son muy buenas las BB Creams de esta línea, yo tengo la Clearing y me gusta mucho :)

  41. Wow, the colour looks amazing and the fragrance sounds really nice!


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