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TONYMOLY Backstage Gel Eyeliner

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Today I bring a new review of a korean product that I must say is one of my fav this year because is excellent! This was on my wishlist for a long time, I´m fan of eyeliner, this is one the most popular eyeliners on Korea and I want know why is so popular and many people says this eyeliner is very good. And now was my time to try. This product is sponsored by Beauteque but remember all the opinions expressed and this review are based on my own experience with this product.

Color 1 Black~ Security Seal~


Packaging: Is very simple like a normal gel a jar but the coat look like a triangle and contains a little brush perfect for carry to any place in the make up bag. This is very innovative because to me is very annoying carry an angle makeup brush because I have to clean and all that stuff this is more simple and useful.


(ू  ੭•͈ω•͈)੭。.゚♡ Brush Close-up!

Brush: This gel eyeliner brush is made from a synthetical material, but is very soft. And is very small so you can have a good presicion when you are applying the gel eyeliner. My recommendation is clean up after use this mini brush because can be sticky and dirty for the next application so clean softly, with a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and will be soft and clean when you go to apply the gel eyeliner again. 

The jar with another cleant white cap! (о´∀`о)!

Price: The price is only $14 without shipping includded on Beauteque very affordable because this is a very good product, I used more expensive eyeliner with a quality very bad. So I think the price is good!

Without the cap!

Formula + Texture: The formula is absolutely goo, is a gel very creamy and pigmented, but is not greasy is a gel, and if very moisturizing not like others gel like are dry and unpleasent for the eyelids this is very moisturizing and soft and that makes more easy the application. ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡ This formula is 100% longlasting and are perfect for a very waterproof makeup, this product stays on my eyelids for over of 18 hours in a very hot and rainy day~  


After Apply: Very Pigmented
Rub Test: Approved ✓
Water Test: Approved ✓

Unboxing + Demo + Video Tutorial

(❁´◡`❁) Watch this video and you can see how of pigmented is this gel eyeliner~♡♡


- It´s cheap.
- It has a god pigmentation.
- It´s waterproof.
- Doesn´t smudge.
- Longlasting, this gel eyeliner stays on my eyelids for all day.
- It´s easy to remove with eye makeup remover.

- You only can buy this product online on many countries (including me).


o(*゚▽゚*)o I love it this product because is absolutely good, is very pigmented, moisturize my eyelids, stays on my eyelids for many hours in a hotter and rainy day. Doesn't smudge my eyes even in a hotter days. Is perfect if you want a very pigmented and long lasting product, I think you can swim with this eyeliner because is very waterproof, I rubbed on my forearm with water and stays there. The most important too is doesn´t irritated my sensitive eyes and you can easily remove with eye makeup remover. I recommend this product to 100%


Where to buy?

You can buy the TONYMOLY Backstage Gel Eyeliner

Me using th TONYMOLY Backstage Gel Eyeliner~
This Pic I took after record the video review~O(≧∇≦)O

ヾ(´・ω・`)ツ I hope you enjoyed this review~
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This is a very good product!
Thanks for your support and love!
I hope you have a good day~(・ω・〃)☆

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  1. This is on my wishlist, too. I love the cute brush which is included. Thanks for your review :*

  2. Me encantaría probarlo pero creo que si me lo comprase lo usaria solo en ciertas ocasiones porque yo suelo usar mucho negro y creo que se me gastaría demasiado rapido :( No sé, yo lo veo muy poquita cosa...
    En fin, un besito!!
    A veces te comento en inglés, otras en español...ya no sé ni como hablo XD

  3. Hi I love the post, great writing and I really like the product and I am already a follower of your blog ^ _ ^
    Kisses from

  4. Excellent review. I'm a big fan of eye liner, so this one I'd definitely love to try! ^__^

  5. I like how they include the brush :) great review, dear!


  6. Me encanta el envase de este delineador en gel, yo quiero probar el color marrón y el kaki que tiene glitters pero se ven muy bonitos =) y me fascina que sea waterproof porque últimamente no me dura nada en los ojos =(

  7. Looks like a really nice eyeliner! I've been thinking about getting one for myself.
    Tae care*

  8. Great job on the tutorial.

  9. Looks like a great eye liner!
    I've just bought a Maybelline one...

  10. Estoy entre este delineador y alguno de Clio. Aun no se por cual decidirme...

    Excelente review, suma puntos para el de Tony Moly

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  12. Woow this looks so good and, most of all, super compact and handy!
    Tony Moly has some great packages :)
    Have a wonderful day!!!

  13. It seems amazing!! The brush looks great! Easier to apply than others


  14. love the review dear.
    am not sure that it is available in any
    of the Tony Moly shops here.
    but this looks promising.


    Ms. Kei

  15. Es un excelente producto! Me encanta demasiado


  16. Genial! Se ve más o menos fácil de usar, qué util!
    Saludos! :D

  17. Beautiful! wishing you a great start of the week…
    Kisses from Miami,

  18. Interesting post :)


  19. Sounds like a good product dear! ^^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

  20. It looks really easy to use! nice swatches and you applied it really well :)

  21. Me gustaría probar este delineador porque he visto muy buenos comentarios, aunque igual prefiero los líquidos para el delineado de gato ya que me duran más. Yo tengo el delineador en gel de Maybelline pero se me corre, ya que mis párpados son muy grasos, ojalá cob este no me pase, igual son buenos también para usar en la línea de agua :)

  22. Beautiful post, really interesting!Your eye make up is stunning! xx

  23. nice products thanks for share ,have a nice day

  24. Nice gel liner!

  25. Great review sweetie!! It looks like a promising product!! Will definitely try this product the next time I pass a TonyMoly store!! <3 Thank you for introducing :)

  26. This looks really great, I like gel eyeliner :) x

  27. Ciao :))
    I wish you a wonderful week!
    Kisses from Italia

  28. Yes, I heard many people talking that this eyeliner is very good. Okay, I think this is will be in my wishlist :D
    Thanks for the review ^^

  29. Ohhh, this is one of their bestsellers I think :D I want this!

  30. Sounds great!
    Julie |

  31. Looks really good. I am your follower 1761 from now :)

  32. nice!

  33. Really lovely review! Great blog btw, new follower! xxx

  34. Great review dear!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  35. I really do like the result, and that fact it doesn't smudge !!! Lovely review and video!!! xo

  36. Really cool. Looks great! :-)

  37. Looks like a really cool eyeliner :)! And great review!


  38. Great review! Thanks for the frequent visit on my blog.. ;))


  39. The eye liner looks very pretty and natural on u.. nice review my friend xo

  40. Great review would love to try!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  41. Great review! I've always been wanting to try out this eyeliner but not very sure about it. Maybe when I have the money I will give it a try! c:

  42. This isn't sold here in the US but it looks amazing!

    xx Hélène

  43. I've never heard about this brand before but it looks good! Have a lovely day! =)

    Please, Vote for WHAT TO STYLE for Best International Blog Newcomer


  44. I just looove tony moly <3
    kawaii bloooog *u*

    let's keep in touch?
    Dollified Dreams

  45. This eye-liner looks stunning on your eyes!
    I love the pigmentation and I also think that the brush looks very suitable to use!

    Xoxo Julia

    Thanks for posting this review!

  46. Thanks for the review I was actually looking at buying this ^^

    恵美より ♥

  47. I had the same kind of product from Shiseido and I loved it! Used it every day for 2 years.

  48. This eyeliner is perfect ! Thank you for this review ;)

  49. It looks really nice, though I wish they had it in dark brown instead. :)

  50. It was very interesting!


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