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Banila Co Eye Love Ultra Curling Mascara

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Wow I was working on this review since a time ago but I´m very busy lately, the next week are my finals and is very stressing. I need care more about my health because my lifestyle is very intense I don´t sleep good I can´t eat well I always stressful and right now is my break time and I´m writing this post for you. I edited the video review on the morningっ(*^-^*) and well I hope you enjoy this review. Today this review is about banila co Eye Love Ultra Curling Mascara  another good product from the Korean Brand Banila co and this product is thanks to the lovely store Jolse but remember all the opinions are based on my own experience with this product.

All is Korean~ (*^-^*) 

Back Side~ (*^-^*) 

Down Side~ 

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ The tube of Banila Co Eye Love Ultra Curling Mascara 

Packaging: I love it the box is so pretty, is black with some draws on red is funny and cute so I really like it. The best part the tube has cute draws too but in gray so looks cute and more mature product. Hahaha I love it the packaging. 

Back Side~ (`・ω・´) 

(*゚▽゚*)o Close-up!

♡ Formula: This product is waterproof, but is easy off remove. Is not clumpy and is smudge proof too. This doesn't smells like chemicals strong. This works on my sensitive eyes without any allergic reaction.

The brush~

!(*^o^*)Brush Close-up 

♡ Brush: For me the brush is nothing special, but is very great for my up eyelashes because I can have good precision. Has the shape of Christmas tree or something like that and is a good brush. 

Price: The price is not cheap but I think is not expensive, is just affordable, the price is around $16.98 USD on Jolse with Free Shipping Worldwide. 
Before and after~

Close-up! Before and after 

Please support my video review + demo + opinions about (´・∀・`)
Banila Co Eye Love Ultra Curling Mascara 
The video is short and concise.


♡ PROs 
- The packaging is very lovely.
- It´s a waterproof product.
- Not irritate my sensitive eyes.
- The brush is easy to use.
- The formula is long lasting.
- Doesn´t smells strong.
- Curls my eyelashes very good.

♡ CONs
- On many countries you only can buy this product only.


( ^-^)o This product is very good for curls my eyelashes, the effect is noticeable, but I must say this mascara could be more great if add volume to my eyelashes. Because my eyelashesare baturally curly. I must say this mascara works good like a mascara for curls my eyelashes a bit more and the effect is pretty good, you can see the difference っ(^O^)/ after, when I finish to apply the product on my eyelashes. The color is pretty intense and I love it ♡ because when I used other mascaras the color is morel ike a deep gray but not very black and after few hours others mascara desn´t looks good,  but the color stays intense on my eyelashes for all day with this mascara. This product is waterproof and smudge proof and that is great for me I recommend this product to 100%.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where to buy?


You want buy Banila Co Eye Love Ultra Curling Mascara?

This is me after use the Banila Co
 Eye Love Ultra Curling Mascara (o^^o)

っ(≧ω≦)/ I hope you enjoyed this post~

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  2. This is a great review! xx Your lashes look so beautiful <3
    The Journeys of My Beating Heart

  3. your lashes look great :) xx

  4. Stunning curling effect!

  5. That looks nice and pretty! Thanks for reviewing this, dear!
    Mira |

  6. The packaging is so pretty! The mascara does make your lashes look so pretty ^^

  7. Does make great effect on your eyes!

  8. Good luck on your finals, hope you won`t be stressed long, I understand how hard it can be.
    Great review, really looks like a great product.

  9. El envase es precioso de esta marca e probado muy pocas cosas, me lo apunto para cuando necesite comprar una nueva mascara que ahorra mismo tengo varias

  10. nice it's not clumpy and evenly applies to the lashes plus the packaging is cute

  11. The packaging is very pretty and your lashes are looging great!

  12. I love the packaging, you are so lucky to have such long lashes ♥

    Daisy l LittleKawaiiDaisy

  13. I'm currently using a Benefit they're Real mascara and a VMV mascara, but when one of them finishes, I'll be sure to give this one a try!
    Take care*

  14. I like it, it really enhances your lashes. ^__^

  15. Oh noo, take care of yourself, hope this stressful period will be over soon :-*
    I really looooooove the packaging, it is so cute! But as for me the price is kinda expensive but maybe because my lashes are so short and straight that no mascara can make a huge differences and I prefer to use falsies anyways xD Great review though! <3

  16. good luck on your finals and try to find sometime for yourself.

  17. I'm sure you will do wonderful on your finals!
    Lovely review, the packaging is soooo cute. :)

  18. se ve muy buena, por lo que veo tiene fibras =) ese tipo de mascaras me gusta y si teniendo fibras no genera ninguna reaccion rara en el ojo eso dice que es muy buena...
    Lo unico que banila co es un poco cara =(

    1. Para ser Banila Co me parece que el precio es accesible, recordando lo costoso que son sus productos :)

  19. Look quiet good , however I rather my lashes to look like theres more of them ; ) and ur very pretty :3
    Greeds , Ilonciaa

  20. What a beautiful mascara :)

  21. My lashes need all the help they can get in the curl department - Definitely going to keep a look out for this! Great review!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  22. The curling effect of this mascara is really nice and obvious on the images. Thanks for the review :)

  23. I wonder if this would work on asian lashes which are stick straight. I agree it would be a lot nicer if it had more volume!

  24. This looks really great, super review :) xx

  25. not bad product for the price but am sure there are better mascaras then this one ,, it makes ur eyelashes seem bulky


  26. Me encantó el diseño de caja y de envase, es muy hermoso *w*
    Se ven bastante bien tus pestañas...dices que es fácil de remover, la puedes sacar solo con el limpiador o igual se necesita un removedor de maquillaje?

    Fuerza! y mis buenas vibras para que todo te resulte cada vez mejor ^^

  27. The packaging is really pretty nd I love the effect it has on ure lashes! Lovely Review Babe :)

  28. This sounds like a mascara that I need. I need something that will hold the curls and this seems to be a good product for that purpose. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  29. Wonderful review dear. Your lashes look great with this mascara

  30. Hey you´ve a great blog!
    Please check out mine and if you want we can follow each other
    here on bloglovin and via Instagram?
    Let me know, now it´s your turn.

  31. Curva bastante las pestañas, se ven lindas :D


  32. Great review

    Love Vikee

  33. The packaging is really cute! But it seems to clump the lashes together a little bit...

  34. Looks like a great product ; D

  35. this product looks not so bad!
    Love the package as well :)

    Thanks for sharing this review with us darling!
    xx julia

  36. Cute packaging, I love your lashes with this mascara :)

  37. I like the draw of package, nice review hun <3

  38. this mascara sounds really great! the package is certainly super adorable! :D

  39. hi dear! random question: how do you take your closeup pictures (of your eyes)? I am horrible at taking selfies. do you have someone else take it for you?

    hope you are doing well.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

    1. All the pics I take by myself, I just put the camera on front of my eyes (in case of a close-up) and sometimes I used a tripod (but that is more for my videos).

  40. hello beautiful, how precious, I write it down, thanks


  41. Oh the packaging is SO pretty!

  42. pretty eyes!
    check out our blog too :)

  43. Great review! Thanks for sharing. :)

  44. great reviewwww! nice product! we can see the diffrence!

  45. I think it's looking lovely! You can see that you're wearing mascara but it's still quite natural. And the packaging is cute!

  46. Looks like a nice product and affordable too!

    Bella Pummarola

  47. omg is nice and you have pretty eyes ~

  48. Cute packaging!
    This product looks not so bad ^^ Mmm i like it ^^
    Kisses! <3


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