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Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact

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( ˃ ⌑ ˂ഃ ) I think was a long time since I write my previous review, but I´m here more with quality than quantity, lately I been very busy with the College, I want make this post yesterday but my conexion was very slow and my video review  (*´∩ω・`)゚+ was over 8 hours uploading to youtube. My review today is about Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact an interesting product for me because was a bit different of usual. This product is sponsored by Jolse but remember all the opinions are based on my own experience with this product.

Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact Box front Close-up! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و

Back Side of Box~☆

ヾ(o´∀`o)ノClose-up Back Side Box~  
Directions of Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact

( ´ ▽ ` ) Left Side of Box~

Packaging: I love it the packaging, the box is a type of paper like recycled paper and I love it the texture. And supposedly is printed with soy ink I love this about Innisfree that all is natural and helps the ecosystem. The box is beige with a soft pink very natural and pretty. The compact itself has a lovely soft pink shade very pretty.

Right-side of box~

Down-side of Box~ o(゚∀゚)o

Upside of Box~ ( ´ ▽ ` )
Natural Ingredients~

Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact (・o・)

Texture + Quality + Quantity: The texture is absolutely soft is a mineral pact, this product is a highlighter and the quality is excellent, very long lasting, great for create a natural and healthy look. The quantity is just 7 gr but for me is enough quantity of product because I need just a little amount of product for my full face.  

(*^o^*) Back Side~

Close-up! (≧∇≦)

Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact ~ ( ´ ▽ ` )


Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact


Price: The pridce is very affordable for this brand and the product, is just $11.68 USD with free shipping in Jolse

o(*゚▽゚*)o Plastic cap.

Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact Color~

〜(´-`♡  Before and After~

The video review~ That you can see how I apply this product ( ^o^)⊃―☆*
Please support my video review about 
Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


- Affordable price.
- Cute packaging.
- Nice texture.
- Long lasting 
- 4 Free System.
- It has natural ingredients. 
- Provides a healthy and natural complexion.

- On many countries you only can buy this product online.


This product is not a matte pact powder this is a highlighter, I love it this product like a highlighter, and I must admit that I felt a bit disappointed when start to shine my face but applying this product like a highlighter my perspective changed. (*´∀`*) The packaging is very pretty soft and looks natural~ I need to say something about the sponge, I can´t find the sponge useful to apply this product. I prefer use a brush, with the sponge I take too much product and I can´t have very good control of apply this highlighter, but with a brush is very easy to apply. Please remember use a brush first. ( ³ω³ )♡ This provides a healthy and natural shine that I love it, I love it use this on the are under my eyes and upper my cheekbones because this make the makeup looks more cute and innocent, I love it implement ( ´ w ` )ノ in all my makeups the sweet dolly and kawaii effect because I love it that style. Like product this is great highlighter this is long lasting over 12 hours with this without retouch.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Where to Buy?

You can buy the Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact

Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact

٩(๑•̀ω•́๑)و Me after record the video~
And after use Innisfree Pink Beam Mineral Pact。+゚♡

+。(ノ´∀`)ノ I hope you enjoyed this review~
Thank you for your comments and support!

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  1. It's like the Korean Version of the Hourglass Ambient lighting powders maybe? It looks quite nice, if it's that :3

  2. nice product!
    pls join my oasap giveaway win coat!

  3. It sounds really nice! The packaging is so cute. :)
    Amy xx

  4. So cute :3 I'll try it soon!

  5. The packaging is beautiful. I love this highligter :)

  6. What a pretty and delicate colour!


  7. Innisfree does it again~! Enjoyed reading this post ^_^

  8. Innisfree's products are always so nice! Can't wait to see what the release next :D

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  9. Thanks for such a detailed post!

  10. Pretty box and lovely colour :-)

  11. Awesome review Miss! amazing product!

  12. I want to buy this so much but I spent my money on 2 different compacts already so I wil have to wait until it arrives and see if they're good or not...But I'll add this to my wish list and save it for a day when I'm shopping online again!!! I have this brand's lip balm, brilliant product that I have been too lazy to review but hope to do so soon!!! I'm so happy you reviewed this compact because I wasn't sure about it for a while ^^

    恵美より ♥


  13. Que bonito el iluminador, aunque yo prefiero los que son como beige tirando a dorado.

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  15. It does look like a really lovely highlighter, never heard of this brand before but sure sounds lovely. xx

    Reflection of Sanity

  16. Very interesting post, the florals and pink make the whole thing look so pretty.

  17. wahhhh.. i always curious with innisfree product >,<
    but the price is quite expen than etude house ..

  18. Everything about this post is so sweet, and matches your blog layout, haha! That aside, this Innisfree compact looks pretty good. I would love to try it one day :)

  19. thanks for your comment on my blog....i really liked the packaging of the product
    keep in touch

  20. looks like a very pretty highlighter :)

  21. Looks like a good powder, love your video!

  22. so nice!!! thanks for the great review, doll. hope you are doing well.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  23. I love the packaging!!!and the price is good!

  24. Great review.

  25. es muy bonito el color y el brillo rosa que tiene, los productos innisfree son muy buenos y tmb me gusta que sean lo más eco posibles =)
    creo que este tambien viene en color beige, que si lo compro seria en ese tono ya que me gustan los iluminadores beige =)

  26. What a cute little pact. although the packaging is simple it really looks nice and pretty :) Thanks for the review :)

  27. Nice product ;)

  28. I've wanted to try innisfree before, but I haven't been able to decide what to get. This product seems really nice and I definitely check it out <33

  29. awhh i love the cute packaging! It reminds me of a sweet bun. Great review btw !! ^^

  30. sounds very good, i want it :D
    new OUTFIT on my blog
    i wait you

  31. This product is so cute!! And the makeup looks great on you! <3
    -Ally Gong

  32. such a good product, nice review :D

  33. Ive been meaning to try that product <3

    Anyway, i am inviting you to join my giveaway here

  34. Such a pretty pink highlighter!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  35. Pretty highlighter and cute packaging!

  36. Adorable product! I have the tonymoly pink beam :) xx
    June Wants It All

  37. Me encanta el producto por toda su presentación, me ha gustado ver el vídeo y a tí hablando en inglés!
    Un abrazo.


  38. Such a cute product. Excellent review. ^^

  39. Muy interesante el producto, y acertado tu consejo de usar una brocha en vez del cisne del producto, sino podria quedar muy brilloso (mas si alguna tiene piel grasa)
    Gracias por la reseña!

  40. Nice review Sakuranko!
    I do agree with you that the sponge that's included isn't really a great way to apply highlighter on your face ;P
    Innisfree products are great :)

  41. I love the packaging, but I prefer liquid highlighters, I feel that they look more natural and create more of a dewy look, while the powder ones can be a bit too shiny...

  42. Tiene un tono muy adorable! me agradó bastante


  43. The packaging is super cute! I personally prefer fluid highlighters because of my dry skin but this highlighter suits you wonderfully ^^


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