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Pond´s Cucumber Cream

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O(≧∇≦)O Oh my God!! I need vacations~ I needed share with you this because is a good product and was a surprise. This is a drugstore product called Pond´s Cucumber Cream and this is a cleansing cream and is super nice for remove the makeup. I use this product like the first part of my makeup removing routine. The price was very affordable around $8 USD and is very great for senstive skin.

೭੧(❛ ▿ ❛ )੭೨ Back Side~ "Ingredients + Directions"

Packaging + Quantity: The packaging is the usual jar of POND´s but the quantity is very good for the price because contains 100 mL and well I used for over 8 months and still have product.


Texture + Formula: This product is creamy but lightweight and I love it that because for remove the makeup for me is better something lightweight. The formula is great for sensitive skin maybe very moisturizing but is really fresh and like I use this product and just few moments after I apply cleanser well the effect is good because is really nice with my skin.


Before ~

After 」( ̄▽ ̄」)


(〃⌒∇⌒)For not to make this post unnecessary long let's go with the conclusions. The products that I used on before pic was waterproof and the eyeshadow was mineral eyeshadow. And he red was super long lasting red lip tint. You can see how this cream removes very good the most of that products. The only that you still can see there is the waterproof liquid eyeliner. This removes very well without irritate or leave my skin super greasy. This is great for sensitive skin and sensitive eyes to. The good is that cleans deeply the skin for remove sign of foundation. For me is great for complete my routine for remove the makeup. o(`・∀・´)○ I recommend this product and If you see this in a drugstore give it a chance.



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  1. nie znam produktu


  2. Really nice review~! I've used Ponds creams before, but I've never seen the cucumber one <33

  3. Oh, awesome effect!

  4. Parece que desmaquilla bien!

  5. I never see it before but now I want that product hahaha

  6. I've seen Pond's a lot in beauty stores but never paid much attention to them but looking at the effects of this. I'll definitely purchase when my makeup remover runs out! Thanks for the review :)

  7. This sounds wonderful! It would be perfect for me as I have really sensitive skin ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  8. Thanks for the recommendation, I just got the demaquillador and could try with this product that is sold in pharmacies and shops in my town!

  9. Its a great product, but I think not available in my country :/
    thanks for review ^^

  10. No la he visto en mi país D: la marca si pero no ese modelo.


  11. I've been meaning to try this but I never get around to it. Do you use it for eye makeup as well? Creme makeup cleansers always seem to burn my eyes

  12. I didn't know Ponds came out with this product! ;o Interesting! Would love to give it a try!

    ieyra |

  13. Wow this product is very good !! xx

  14. ;)

    Adoro ver os produtos que você posta! Esse parece ser muito bom.

    Ótima sexta!

    Beijo! ^^

  15. Looks like a really nice cleanser!

  16. Hi Hi Saku <3 Very interesting review , I already have products from the Pond's brand and I like a lot . I hope soon we read , see you later . xoxo

    Dream in Colors

  17. Cleansing cream looks tempting to try out. I have never tried a cleansing cream. Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend.

  18. Looks great! So clean after~
    Pond's always had reliable products :D

  19. Amazing post! I really wish my make-up-eraser would work half so well =)

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

  20. Wow great results :) i've never seen a cleanser come in a jar before, at first i thought it was a moisturiser haha!!

  21. Great review!


  22. I need an easier way to remove my makeup
    I need to see if I can find this cucumber cream XOXOXO
    Thanks for the review

  23. Gosh, Pond's has been around since I was a kid! My mom used to own a bottle, but I haven't heard of the brand for a long time.

  24. SOunds good.. but if I were to ask, I won't give it a try myself.
    It's not for me, ponds products aren't friends with my skin lol..
    So I'm jealous of these lovely girl who get good results from ponds.
    It's just not for me.

    Jhem |

  25. I guess it smells wonderful ! Lovely photos ♥

    Have a nice Sunday ^^~

    {Dresslink} Haul
    ♥ ~ Japan Candy Box Giveaway ~ ♥

  26. Hello!
    Nice post. :)
    beijos ♥ | Participe da promoção

  27. Great post!

  28. Definitely going to have to get some of this!! I love cucumber anything!

  29. I haven't tried Ponds…usually I go for Aveeno brand when I want an inexpensive drugstore item! Wow, five stars!! xo


    adorn la femme

  30. Awesome product ! Thank you for your review :)

  31. Great review! Ponds is amazing, I use their regular anti wrinkle cream around my eyes at night and sometimes morning. Works quite well in keeping the skin refreshed looking and firm.

  32. It sounds really nice! :)
    x Angela //


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