Sunday, August 21, 2016


"Advertorial Post"
Hi Lovelies!

Now with a new lovely post for you. Today I don´t know I feel itchy throat and I don´t know probably is the weather. Today has been a day complicated many stuff on my life. But today I´ve been working in many several upcoming reviews and I was thinking about this store Stylewe and their amazing backpacks. I love it their designs and the style is completely kawaii. I love it this first cute backpack because is super pretty and super girly and I don´t know for me is completely perfect. I was thinking about that with so many cute bags from this store I could use a different bag for each day. But probably I could have a lot of bags without use because I don´t go out so frequently.

I saw this cute Magnetic Satchel and I fell in love with this baby bag. This is perfect for almost everything (I know that that is not true but who´s care?). Now  I really love it this style of bag is so dfferent and sincerely lately I´ve been checking a lot in different stores and is the first time that I see this style and this model. I feel lucky because I found thiw lovely design and I can share with my sweet readers. And If you are a cat lover probably is a plus.

You can use a lovely pony and have all the style. Anyway this backpack is the proof wth a lovely and cute design is perfect for College. You can check the blog of Stylewe for see great reviews about this store too. You can read most about all the cute products from this store and the official reviews. Sincerely I am in love with many cute bags from this store. Definitely this store increased my wishlist. I really love it the designs and I really want invite you to check the cute products. Like always I want to know which was your favorite product from my picks for this post.

Bye Bye!!


  1. Oh my gosh! These backpacks are the cutest! I love the unicorn one <3

    xo Azu

  2. Oh my gosh these bags are the cutest! I love the pony one!

    Lizzie Bee //

  3. I am shopping around for a backpack and this one looks so perfect!

  4. I love the pink one !

  5. Great post dear! :)
    New post on my blog:

  6. I love the first one *_*

  7. great post... have a nice day

  8. Słodkie plecaki! :)

  9. Super cute bags! Love the blush coloured one :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

  10. cute are these backpacks! So lovely <3

    xoxo Eva |

  11. These packs are adorable, love the pink one!
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  12. I like the bags!

    Great post!

    Have a nice week!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  13. The pink backpack looks so cute.

  14. I really love the pink backpack! Super cute :)

    Sarah x

  15. I've heard so many great things about StyleWe but I had no idea they had backpacks! Love the cute aesthetic designs you picked, I can see why they appealed to you <3

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  16. The first bag is soooo cuutteee! I love the color.
    Thank you for sharing this great post, dear!

  17. Nice post! I love this!

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  18. Everything looks pretty :)

  19. wow I love the bags so much..i love the first one..

  20. Nice post! Have a lovely Wednesday. :)


  21. Awe theses bags are so pretty and girly !
    I'm so obsessed with this kind of products !

  22. those bag are so cute! love the first one, stylewe sounds like a great store <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs |

  23. I totally fell in love with the pink one!!!
    It's sooooooo cute!!!!
    Have a wonderful day dear

    Elena Suñer from
    Somniare Aude blog

  24. Adorable bags. The pink one is perfect <3

  25. I think the same! They look adorable!!!!
    The first one is so cute!!!!


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