Sunday, July 1, 2018


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I know I´ve been several days without publish nothing and the reason for that is because somedays when the family sicks is time for be out of all and take the time for take care of them. Today I am back with amazing and beautiful dresses from the lovely webstore MillyBridal. I mentioned this webstore in the past and I am very happy to share this webstore again because time from time they are renowing new amazing models with a good range of prices whch is pretty good when you have an adjusted budget. 

I love it the long dresses, but for the bridesmaids I guess for me a medium long or a short long is better in my personal opinion. Talking about dresses I need confess that I prefer the weddings during day and I am not sure why the people has this predilection for the weddings during night but I don´t know I always though the photos looks better during day and If the place is cute you could make amazing and beautiful shots for always remember the good time in that day. By the way this second dress that I picked from It was this beautiful back off and a wonderful lace details that are the type of details that I really like.

My third pick but not the least important is this beautiful and elegant red short dress that provides an amazing style for beautiful create this great coordinate. The red is a very popular color in some cultures for prosperity, love and a good life so probably is a good color fo a wedding theme. I want to know like always in the comments If you have married already? Are you lokinf for wedding dresses? I would like to read all those replies in the comments sweetheart. Like always I hope this post can be very informative. Thank you so much for visit my blog darling.

Bye Bye!


  1. Everything is so beautiful! I especially love that gorgeous red dress.

  2. These are such beautiful dresses:) Love that red dress!

  3. ;D

    Adorei esses vestidos!

    Ótimo domingo!

    Beijo! ^^

  4. what an amazing post dear,

  5. That white dress is pretty amazing

  6. Increible!! Un post de 10 :)

  7. Interesting post, dear!
    Hugs ♥

  8. I think Meghan would be envy ahaha

  9. Such a lovely selection! I like long dresses too!

  10. Very pretty

  11. los vestidos son preciosos!!

  12. Great post dear, i hope to one day wear a dress like that on the second picture. It is so beautiful

  13. Amazing, especially the purple Dresses. :)

    lots of Hugs <3

  14. Beautiful selection, i love the red dress ^^

  15. Nice post! :) Have a good day.

  16. I love this selection! beautiful dresses!
    xoxo Gina

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  17. Maravilhosas sugestões, aqui deixadas!...
    Fiquei especialmente encantada com o vestido vermelho! Tem um formato muito elegante, e os bordados, dão-lhe um encanto muito especial, para além de gostar imenso da cor!...


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