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Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week...

Hi Everyone!!

I will talk a little this week!!

This week I started college. If you want to know a little about myself, I will say I am studying Medicine.

Yes I know, I can study or have done so many different things in my life (writer, editor, pianist, makeup, photographer and painting and much more), but hey that's another story to tell.

The truth is that I started the college, with more important matters but rather to those with more content "Anatomy and Histology. I have seen many kinds reason why this weekend I´ll study.

Pass in a week knowing the Faculty. A relatively well known and come and go without complications. Now I have to study hard even become a great doctor.

I think someone check out my previous posts think I'm a girl who studies fashion design or something so they make things makeup and care. yeah well I break this pattern I love makeup and tasteful yet I am a medical student.

This means one thing: 
The pretty girls we have brains.

A picture for than this post don´t be so gray.

Bye Bye!!

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