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Saturday, April 30, 2011

120/365 Complex Smurf and Others

Hi Everyone!

Another day as I always studying. Them how much he was creating a post with my favorite products of the month. Well honestly there are products that I love. When I had the post almost ready, someone deleted the pictures from the camera. And the worst part is I still had not downloaded from the camera X_x finally there is nothing I can do I will talk about my favorite month of May, there is nothing I can do.

This was my expression when I found out they had deleted the photos from the camera.

Speaking of other things ...

My cell phone takes pictures type Smurfs ... If you really take pictures blue. Why take pictures blue? "I don´t know.... Lololol

So I decided Photoshopied the first color photography to levels not to leave so blue...  Lolololol but the funny thing is that then I thought "Smurfs?

Lololol I decided to show a photo of me kind Smurfs ... Lolololol


I look like a Smurfette... Hahahaha...
Here I'm using the original picture without photoshopied to look like I am blue.

The truth is that my phone has something that my pictures come out blue-white light. My cell has a complex called "Smurf" and not even know existed. Lololol

Well I have nothing more to say, and if your phone takes pictures blue remember this is the complex "Smurf". And always download photos from your camera so that they will notbe erased by some silly.

Bye Bye!!

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