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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sky is the Limit

"Don't let anyone take away the 
Wings of Dream 
Recalls the sky is the limit"

Hi Everyone!

This is a phrase I repeat to myself when I feel listless and sad. And I felt so (I believe that we are all likely to be discouraged at all). However, the only limit is a human being is the sky.

We can not fly, but our dreams if they can fly high, just depends on one thing "we. " Many people across phrases can make us feel bad and more when that someone is important to us. But not stop dreaming about it. 

If someone want gets hurt you want to destroy you remember not only you but also your dreams. Your dreams are like eagles fly free. 

The most important is to not lose the perception of reality, but our reality can be temporary and transient compared to the grandiose dreams can be.

Some tips to have our dreams:

1. We must be patient

Remember it will not happen quickly dreams must wait patiently. Things do not happen overnight.

2. Have to work hard towards your dreams

Do not expect to get something without working for it, all things require work, dedication and effort. And of course the work is accompanied by the patient.

3. Have Faith

Faith is a major element in our dreams. Remember:

Faith = Believe

But you think you're going to do not even try because it does not make it. Faith is a key element in fulfilling our dreams.

4. Never stop fighting

Whatever your dream will never stop fighting to get it, remember that every drop of sweat from the exertion you closer to your dream.

5. Surrender is not an Option

There is a quote that says:

Falling is acceptable get up is Obligatory

6. Ignore the idiots that say you can not do

These are poor who lost their dreams and therefore do not want you to meet yours.

7. Look to the Sky

When you see the immensity of the sky will understand that anything is possible.

8.Enjoying the way to achieve your dream.

Remember that the path to your dream is art itself is sometimes tired and tedious, but you difrustarlo to achieve this.

Well here are some tips for you to work towards your dreams as important, do not cut the wings of your dreams.

Be patient, work for your dreams, have faith, never stop fighting, remember surrender is not an option, ignore the idiots who say you can not, look to the sky, enjoying the way and reach your dreams.

This is written for you and for myself...

And remember...

"Don't let anyone take away the 
Wings of Dream 
Recalls the sky is the limit"

Bye Bye!

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