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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Sometimes I like to be more practical and make things better. Be most excellent but lately that's not me running, in fact everything hasimproved but at a slow pace.

This time I am using my blog in this post as a personal diary ... I do not think people have impossible goals but unable to achieve goals. And although I'm not one of those things that happen around me affect me.

Although my life seems to be working all correctly, sometimes thepressure bother me much. I think the rest of the people do not understand the word "busy" lately my studies have become more important. I want to be excellent in every aspect, not a few but ended up being mediocre.

Sometimes my family does not understand that I need to study hard in order to continue this long and arduous college I decided to choose "Medicine" is very strong and really need to study.

And most importantly, know that God is on my side. And I know he would never disappoint me.

I know I will not worry everything will turn out because this is the path I chose so good are times when you think everything will go wrong I just have to be a little optimistic and move forward with a smile.

Right now my head hurts so I'll go lie down ...

With love I say goodbye ...

Bye Bye!!

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