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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lip Gloss Expired!

Hi Everyone!

Today I went to buy some things I needed and I went home including buying a new lipstick that certainly gave it to my aunt because I don´t like because have flavour of soap. I mean the lip to be savored but not always the good taste of a lip matter.

I was going through my things makeup and found a lipstick I'veused from time to time, which has a very pretty pink. And when I opened smelled pathetic, like old oil.

Lip Gloss Expired!

As a nice Lip Gloss in I had not noticed how much time exactly was, and really have much time since I bought it so obviously hadto throw it away. Many people do not know and others know that their lip gloss expire and that the fact of using lip gloss expired, can cause dry lip and some scientists say that labial herpes (although I personally believe that the labial herpes what happens when you borrow someone else has that virus).

Smell your Lip Gloss...
If you have an old oil smell!
Throw it away!!

A Lip Gloss may last 1 or 2 years scientists say. However, the consistency, smell and taste of Lip Gloss change when it has expired. Remember that the essential oils Lip Gloss brings long-term but do have an expiration date.

And do not be sad if it was your favorite color Lip Gloss or one that you used with that special dress or encumber or that you brought out your lips, there are now a variety of brands and a wide range of different colors!

If you Lip Gloss is expired no use!
Is bad for your Lips..!!

I say goodbye it was all for today ^ ^ Lol

Bye Bye!!

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  1. Hey, i used expired lip gloss and its really made my lips dry, darker and have cracks. i saw a dermatologist and he gave me a cream to apply on the lips. It was 3 months since i had started using it. however it really looked like the one in your pictures. Which brand is that.? Unfortunately i threw away the one that i was using so i do not recall the brand. thanks.


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