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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012~

Hi Everyone!!

I hope you enjoy it in halloween! I want to show this beautiful keychain I received as a gift from a website where I bought contact lenses is really a beautiful detail and I really liked because it has the theme of Halloween!

Trick or treat??

Really as I come from a Christian family and society because I have received quite Christic personally not that celebrate Halloween, but it's wrong considro sweets that day, dress (which gives an opportunity to make great looks and makeup) and have a nice time with friends ヽ (* ≧ ω ≦) ノ

I love the macabre who wears this accessory!ヽ (* ≧ ω ≦) ノ

I think the halloween depends on each culture and each part of the world. for me it is a good opportunity to see films of mystery and terror in most of the TV channels(´∀`)

His mouth is articulated! I love it! (゜∀゜)

Well whether you are going to dress up, or simply like me to stay at home watching movies of mistery and terror. I hope you enjoy healthy and fun that are equal to the festivities!

Thank you very much for reading my blog! Thank you for the overwhelming support!

Happy Halloween 2012!

Bye Bye!!


  1. Soo cutee and scary at the same time lol. xx

  2. So cute! I'm following you back :)

  3. This cute guy is really horrible!

  4. Happy Halloween hun!!

    The keychain is ADORABLE. And I don't like scary stuff usually, but this is an exception! It's so cute hahahahah.

  5. Happy Halloween Dear =D

    Wow that's a super cute keychain! <3

  6. i hope you had a jolly halloween!

  7. I didn't do anything for Halloween this year except eat yummy candy! Loving that accessory x

  8. This keychain is really cute!!! I didn't celebrate Halloween this year but I did buy lots of Halloween candy for myself


  9. i don't celebrate evil ever, so i see it as a day to dress up for fun. and decorate. and candy!

  10. Cute keychain! I love the teeth and the cheeky, slightly menacing expression hehe :) We don't celebrate Halloween here, but any excuse for more candy I'll take!


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