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Thursday, October 25, 2012

.Red New Glasses.

Hi Everyone!

Today I want to comment on a nice gift I got from my dad. These are absolutely beautiful lenses. My previous lenses were already quite old so I went to the eye doctor did a check "my astigmatism has improved incredibly" I guess it's from years of wearing glasses, which means that if you use daily lenses the degree of myopia and astigmatism can improve .

Tadaaa!! :D

How do I look?

Well, my new glasses I loved. We really are very light, do not bother me at all and the fact that the red frame is not affected me in college because that is where the use mostly, wore the uniform.

I love my glasses case is a lot like me must admit that those illustrations reminds me of one of my favorite things is to buy clothes.

Create this little collage in this picture to show the small details in the design of the lenses that led me to choose them!

Well time goes flying, and in a few days came the month of November and will miss little toward ending this year 2012.

Perhaps this little snippet of this post will have nothing to do with the rest of it. But now I feel a bit nostalgic. But at the same time I'm happy...

Here I share the makeup I used and sometimes use when I wear glasses!

Well my sweet readers, thanks for reading my post! Thank you for the overwhelming support that give me! God bless you!

Bye Bye!!


  1. I think that the new glasses look great on you, i love the detail on the arms

  2. Wow. cool glasses! It suits you. :)

  3. The glasses look beautiful on you!

  4. pretty glasses and so unique

  5. i love them!
    nice details on the arms. ;)

  6. Those glasses look really nice on you!

  7. Your skin looks gorgeous! The frames are lovely for your face, the red is very unique and special. Love the detailing on the side as well :)

  8. those glasses look fashionable, the detailing on the side is so pretty! :) you look great with it, it fits your face perfectly :)

  9. I love these glasses on you! :) they frame your face beautifully :) The pink colour is fun, and I adore the pretty detailing on the sides :) great choice! ^^ x

  10. Lovely glasses! So suit to you!

  11. The frame looks lovely on you! i wear glasses too (but mainly contact lens)

  12. Cute! Red is such a great color for you:)

  13. Those look good on you!


  14. Hi dear!

    Love so much you're blog, follow u :)

    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.
    Hope u follow back!

    Lot of kisses.

  15. Lovely new glasses! I wear contacts a lot but when I am at home, I wear glasses too. You definitely always need a good pair!

  16. Beautiful glasses hun!!! I love your eyes. Hahahah I need to get my eyes checked too. :X I wear contacts so much -_-

  17. Hey, it's so sweet of your dad to get you those glasses. The details on the temple are just way too cute! Your eyes are very expressive with or without glasses. Cheers!

  18. It is sweet of your father to buy you glasses. And he certainly knows his way around fashion! He picked the one that suited you best! You look lovely wearing your new glasses. Also, wearing glasses can help control astigmatism a lot, even if you wear it only for a limited time.


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