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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sakuranko 3rd Anniversary

Hi Everyone!

Today this Blog is Birthday is the third anniversary and I am very happy to be here writing for you, this blog started as something very personal that at first no one read but was growing and I'm glad to have sweet readers who follow me and read. 

I can remember my first post titled: Hi Everyone! 〜(*/ェ\*)♡♡ It's been a long time many things and certainly if you have fun with something time flies. 〜 But surely something has not changed since that first post today: being tired, I feel very tired now. (´-`).。oO Well although I left micro vacation, I happen to have much accumulated fatigue and do so many things at home makes me feel super tired.

In these years I have had very good experiences with my blog, kla most experience with my blog have been positive, •◡• At this time finally entered college, actually my blog has been growing at the beginning were mostly experiences experiences and many horrors makeup, there was a stage where I concentrated on making posts about nails design and good and gone quite changing, last year my Kokoro gave me a great camera with which I could improve a lot, many of my older readers could tell the difference, I feel happy about it, however, I feel much happier because that camera I learned how to truly take advantage of the cameras and this year unfortunately in mid-April my great camera is ruined, ((;゚Д゚))))))) and yet it is this date and does not get it repaired.  (´-`).。oO

One thing I learned is that to make a post I take my time and should not be something improvised (I take many pictures) photos must be of excellent quality. Something is important, but I like to me (do not publish) and well the truth that premise is pretty hard sometimes peus lost time shooting for the end did not like me. !(´;ω;`) 

But it was worth every minute I spent on my blog because when I check old posts and I like the result although it's been months and sometimes I realize that other people visit my old posts make me feel happy, ~(>ω<) 

I like to make posts I like working on my blog, I like it to look cute and pink, and here I am a loving girl of music, a medical student, who loves to give their opinion about makeup. ♡(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))  

In this third year I want to give special thanks to my Kokoro has driven me and helped a lot with many technical aspects of my blog, and not so technical (though you do not believe it gave me tons of makeup this year) (´・ω・`)♡♡ I love you~ Thanks to my MOM! Yeah~ She supports me every day, feeds me, corrected me, and makes me get gray hairs but has given me many ideas and sometimes has also discouraged me, but just helped me more, so good because thanks to she I write posts too!

Special thanks to all those who follow me, write, comment, who join my giveaways, give me your honest opinion in my review, who write me mail to ask me any product that inspire me with their incredible posts also, they are beautiful and great and a big hug and many kisses to all of you are great! (´∀`)ノ♡ Thanks for the support in my time of exam (which is almost always) 。。!(`・ω・´;)

Today I took most of the day to celebrate the third anniversary!

ƪ(๑•ิ ε •ิ๑)ʃ This is me with my new color of hair~ You can see in the background my Christmas decorations!
What you think of my new color hair?

ー(´・ω・`) I bought cupcakes to celebrate!

I put a pink candle to celebrate!(о´∀`о)☆ 

(*・ω・)ノ This came with the candle! 

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ 

Just me! (*´ω`*)

((●>ω<)っ)) Happy 3rd Anniversary

Ready 。。(´・ω・`) 

Now I need a big pineapple juice to accompany this Cupcake! ◝( ^ω^ )◜˖°✧˖°..

A random pic for show you my long hair~ (≧▽≦)o

Thhis random pic in front of sun~ 
ƪ(๑•ิ ε •ิ๑)ʃ I love it how looks in this random pic!

Now time to dinner~ or late lunch xD

~!(〃´o`)=3 Sushi!! And crab cakes,
 I really like the crab cakes!(๑•ᴗ•๑)

With a tuna roll! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*

That was all about this day~

Happy  Anniversary!(○・∀・○)

Bye Bye!!


  1. Well now I'm happy you have gotten thsi far sweetheart, to be honest you inspire me and I admire you, youare a strong girl with a nice art of yours, I can't help it but wanting to help you, to support you and to give you the best I can so you can be the best you can be.

    I really wish I could help you even mroe sweetie, and be at your side all the time, Keep it up! and I feel flatered that you thannk me here I'm happy to see you so happy and enjoyed yoruself.

    Kepp your amazing work sweetie. I'm always here for you.


    Your Kokoro

  2. Yay! Congrats for getting this far~ :D
    Your blog is amazing and I just have to say this, YOU LOOK AMAZING IN YOUR NEW HAIR!

    Bella / everythingaboutbella.blogspot.com

  3. Happy 3rd Anniversary to your blog :))

  4. Happy Anniversary Dear.... *-*
    pics are so cute, you look lovely..... and cupcakes and crab cakes look yumm ..... enjoy!!

  5. Happy blog anniversary.. :D
    You have such a cute and lovely blog.. :)
    Thank you so much for visiting mine..
    keep in touch.. ;*


  6. Felicidades por tu aniversario del blog. :D

  7. Congratulations on your blog anniversary!! :D
    xx, Mira | http://lemieletlavanille.blogspot.com/

  8. Happy anniversarry XD

  9. congrats lovely and happy anniversary! cupcakes looks delicious ^_^

  10. Happy anniversary :) may you keep blogging for many more years <3

  11. Haha, congrats! You did very well with your blog! ♥

  12. Oooh...that's wonderful dear!!! Lots of congratulations and wishes to you and your lovely blog. I hope there is many more birthdays for it to come!! I enjoy it a lot :))) Have a wonderful weekend xx

  13. Happy Anniversary! Keep going, I enjoy your blog. ^__^

  14. Happy anniversary sweetie! ^_^

  15. happy 3 year blog anniversary

  16. Happy blogiversary, the cupcake looks so cute :D

  17. Aww this is so cute <3 Congratulation on your 3 year anniversary! you're having your blog for soo long already!! ; w ; I like your new hair color and new hairstyle ^ u ^ Let's hope that you will continue to blog for many years and your camera will get repaired toon :>

  18. First of all congratulations, I know I'm not a very old follower but I really love your blog, I can see all the effort you have put into it, I'm really happy to see you are always trying too be better and better, also I want to say I will stick to you and keep following your blog always supporting. I hope one day my blog is just as pretty and successful as yours.

    Thanks for putting all your effort and let us learn more about you and make up ♥

    Sybi :3

  19. Feliz cumple al blog =)... es lindo ver crecer el blog y releer post y entradas viejas ... me gusta mucho el cabello y el corte... me parece o te ha crecido mucho el pelo??

  20. Oh congrats doll, keep up the good work! XO


  21. wow 3 years *.* congrats ^-^
    i would like to invite you to join my new giveaway <3


  22. Such a cute cupcake! * 0 * Happy 3rd anniversary~

  23. Happy 3rd blogiversary dear!!!
    Btw your shirts is like mine lol XD

  24. Your new haircolor is so pretty and that cupcake looks delicious!
    Happy 3rd blogiversary! It's amazing that you have been at it for so long! You are so inspirational to me because I hope to be blogging years from now as well!
    I love all your post and the clear pics you take for them!


  25. yay congrats on your 3rd blogviversary! you started blogging just like me too, i also like the fact to read my old post and having people to read what i wrote too (( :
    by the way where is your jollychic giveaway?

  26. Happy 3rd Anniversary ~ <3 I really like reading your blog ^_^

  27. Happy 3rd Anniversary to your amazing blog, may you have many more successful years ahead. Such a cute cupcake. Thanks for your wonderful words sweety, have a fabulous weekend!

  28. aww~ what a cute entry from a cute blogger~ congratulations and best wishes for many more blog posts to come❤

  29. Happy 3rd bloganniversary Sakuranko!
    3 years are pretty long :)
    Wish you many years to come :)


  30. Oh, Sakuranko HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

    It's great how you feel, my blog has also met his third birthday a few months ago, and it was very special.

    Have a great place, with which you learn a lot, and really beautiful. So I encourage you to never stop writing!, We will always be here.

    I also expect you to spend a great Christmas!.


  31. Congratulations and keep up the great work, all the efforts definitely pay off! <3

  32. Happy belated blogoversary!
    You look great. :)
    Wish you all the best for your and your lovely blog!


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