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Friday, December 9, 2016

CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black Vs CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black

Hi Everyone!

Has been several days since my last post by the was I love it that Christmas Tag It was so cute to reply because December and Christmas always has been my favorite season ever. Like some of you know (or probably not) I am a huge fan of Korean Cosmetics and for that reason I love it the Korean Eyeliners I hope in the next year try more new and different brands and I guess everything is possible coordinating the time. I am working in more wonderful products. One of my favorite Korean Brand respect to eye makeup products is CLIO because the formula is always amazing. I tried two of the most populars eyeliners from this brand in the past so I decided create the first Versus Post between these two eyeliners.

The opponents today are...


Both are the same color 01 Black~

I want start with the CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black 

 The tip is of felt of course is a bit hard but the stroke is not so fine~

The next eyeliner is  CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black٩꒰・ัε・ั ꒱۶ 

The tip is Brush Type and is pretty gentle and I have a great precision and the stroke can be very fine~

The Swatches of each Eyeliner~💖

CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner Kill Black
The tip is felt and hard
The stroke is not so fine
The formula is SUPER long lasting
The color is a glossy black
Super Pigmented
Perfect for beginners

CLIO Waterproof Brush Liner Kill Black
The tip is brush type and soft
The stroke can be fine
The formula is long lasting
The color is a more natural black
Good Pigmentation
Perfect If you want a better precision but not so good for beginners


I love it both eyeliners but I need be objetive for create this versus. First the Pen Liner is not so good If you want a more natural black or a more fine line because the finish is a glossy black (always) and the tip is of felt and I have a lot of practice making my makeup but never the line is the enough fine for me with this eyeliner. But If I want make a more remarkable and more bold line with an eyeliner of course I am going to use this because the line can be pretty bold so easy and is very fast. The formula is perfect If you want go to swim or for a beach day because is SUPER long lasting is great if you want. The color is super pigmented.

In another hand about the Brush Liner have some differences with the Pen. Because the brush type the tip is more so I can have a great precision with that eyeliner. The formula is long lasting but is not super long lasting and with this I mean that I can´t recommend this eyeliner If you want going to swim because the formula is waterproof and smudgeproof but not so SUPER for support a long day beach to difference to the other. I love it because the finish is more natural the color is a natural black nad not a glossy black. So I prefer this If I awant a more natural makeup.

The question of this post is...

Which is better between these two opponents?

The reply is...ヽ(・ω・ゞ)

This ended in a draw~\(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

I love it both eyeliners and I use each eyeliner in different ways. Because even when I love it these eyeliners they are not the only eyeliners that I use with frequencyヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ But I guess both have the  strengths and weaknesses and I love it both. For that reason I can´t choose a winner. Both are good in their own way.

This has been my first versus. Before I published a review for each product so If you want read a review about they you only need click upside when is the name of the opponents in this post. 

 \(^▽^)/I hope you enjoyed this different post for today and I am working in many good reviews of Korean Cosmetics.

Happy Day~(〃^▽^〃)o

Bye Bye!!


  1. This eyeliner sounds like an eyeliner I would like to use. Have a great weekend.


  2. Yo lo he probado en formato lápiz y me gustó mucho, además me duraba sin moverse una barbaridad.
    Si te interesa seguir probando te recomiendo los de Makeon (la línea de maquillaje de Tosowoong) que son fantásticos y económicos.
    Ciao guapa!

    1. Probé un set de colores de Makeon (Makeon Princess Limited Edition Season 3) y me encantó. Y eso que no son de este tipo sino formato lápiz y duran mucho. Igual muchas gracias por la recomendación. (⌒▽⌒)☆

  3. Pese a que adoro el formato brush, por términos de duración prefiero los delineadores de The Saem. No tengo muy buena relación con los delineadores con punta de fieltro, pues a la larga termina sacando pelusilla y la línea se hace más imprecisa, me pasó con el de Etude.

    Pero es bueno saber que el de tipo pen tiene una mayor duración. Muchas gracias por tu comparación!

    1. A mi tampoco me gusta la punta de fieltro. Siempre al momento de comprar me inclino por el formato brush. No obstante, la popularidad de este producto me llevó a probarlo y luego volverlo a comprar porque la formula es excelente.

  4. I think they are a good option for me that I am still a beginner. xoxo

  5. I love CLIO! Glad to see how this eyeliner works *O*
    Jessie @ Bijou-Heart

  6. Hi!
    I didn't try this product but this one looks so good.


  7. Both seem to be grat productos, but I definitely stay with the Pen Liner.

    Xo :)

  8. I love the look of the tip on these! Great review hun xx


  9. I actually do love both. I use brushes so I'm leaning towards the brush.


  10. CLIO makes great liquid liners. My sister uses these. :)

  11. I think Felt tips are easier for beginners and these seem great! :)

    CJ | From Manila with Love Blog

  12. It looks very nice :) Great review :)

  13. it is good to know they are both long lasting! I'm a beginner so perhaps for me the first one would be better.


  14. I would go for the brush liner. Great comparison.


  15. I need to try this one!


  16. I love felt tip eyeliners... these seem to have such a nice thin line... I like the look it can create xox

  17. I think both of them are great ^^~


  18. I like it dark and black pigmentation! Waterproof too =D

    Sharon Lee

  19. Looks like you've got some lovely products there. Lovely picks, dear! xoxo

  20. Si tanto de ha gustado me lo apunto en mi lista, aunque no soy mucho de este formato, a veces bien genial tener uno


  21. Thanks for sharing. Waterproof eyeliner is a great product.


  22. I didn't try this product but this one looks so good. nice post ! :)


  23. Another great review, Sakuranko!
    Thanks for sharing!
    All the best!

  24. Felices fiestas
    Gracias por tus visitas en mi blog es mucho de agradecer.


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