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Tuesday, August 28, 2018


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I am here back with a post about shoes. I am a huge lover of shoes and sincerely I am here thinking about new shoes. And that is because I love it the shoes I could use a different pair each day If I had the money for that. I am talking about this new webstore for me and my first time publishing a post about this interesting and great webstore called Chamaripa. For me that is a very interesting name about how that sounds in Spanish (remembering that the Spanish is my first language). But back to this post this webstore of shoes is dedicate to create amazing elevator shoes for men. And probably someone is gonna ask, seriously? elevator shoes? But yeah that is not something new and very popular between those men that are not so tall.

I love it these cute casual shoes. Something I guess is really amazing is the fact that they provide quality and that in each product tell you what quantity of centimeters the shoes is gonna elevate you. I guess is great because the shoes are like heels without to look like heels. I was reading in the webstore how the actor robert downey jr height and how he use these type of shoes and I find these very interesting because he looks tall in so many pics but this is the reality and why not? If the woman can use heels for look better for an outfit he can too. 

I found these cute heart shoes that makes you look 7 cm taller and that is great I was thinking that probably despite the platforms these are the type of shoes that use the korean actresses for reach some male actors because they are really tall. My boyfriend is 5.9 foot and I am 5.3 foot so I am always looking for heels and platforms for not look like a minion next to him. I hope this post can be useful even If you are not looking right now for this type of shoes is always good have a reference. I hope you have a nice day!

Bye Bye!


  1. Nice shoes

    I hope you are doing well

  2. The last pair with the hearts is so cute! Thanks fo sharing ^^

  3. Beautiful post:) Un abbraccio:)

  4. Nice review...I like the shoes with hearts.

  5. Sounds very interesting! Thanks a lot for sharing dear)

  6. Very nice shoes, they look
    very comfortable :)
    kisses! :D

  7. My pick goes to the shoes with hearts! xoxo

  8. Adorei o sapato, é lindo!
    beijos boa semana

  9. What a great way to add a little extra height :)


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