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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Korean Exfoliating Mitt aka Italy Towel

Hi Everyone!

Today I am here with a short review about a very interesting korean product that is super popular and I am talking about the Korean Exfoliating Mitt aka Italy Towel. That is know too like the Korean Exfoliating Glove that is exactly the Korean Exfoliating Scrub Bath Washcloth this simple mitt has several names but is exactly the same use. I´ve using this product since several years ago. Around five years ago and I realized that I never published a review before about this product.

The use of this glove is basically exfoliate the body skin of the dead cells. Since I was a little kid my mom always told me that I needed scrub very well my skin when I was showering me because is that way to be really clean and my mom wasn´t wrong.

What have this mitt of Special?

Probably are you asking, this is from Italy? What made this mitt so special? This is made of viscose that is a type of rayon that was originally produced and imported from Italy because it was called the Korean Italy Towel.

Several years ago this product was a boom. Because the exfoliation is so important in the korean spas. Removing the dead cells makes you skin looks more healthy, luminous and pretty and you can easily exfoliate your body with this product.

It has an opening so you can insert your hand because it is a glove after all~

There is my hand~

How to Use the Korean Exfoliating Mitt 

First you need to have shower at least during 15 minutes. And after that when you are wet you start to rub your body with this glove with circular motions removing the dead cells. The towel must be dry when you use it in your wet body, and you can see how the dead cells start to fall. For a better result use hot water for your bath.

Using the Korean Exfoliating Mitt
╭(๑¯д¯๑)╮ There are the dead cells

Before and After

PROs and CONs

- Affordable price.
- Removes the dead cells.
- Provides a good exfoliating.
- Provides a luminous effect.
- This product is reusable.

- On many contries you only can buy this product online.


If you want to know a little about korean culture I want talk about the jjimjilbang that basically is a public bath house and there is a very popular treatment that is basically a full body treatment of exfoliation. So you are naked like in a massage table and this professional person in the spa is going to rub all your body with some of these korean towels. But this remember me when I was a little kid and my mom used a natural fiber of a local plant and exfoliated all my body specially my arms. Sincerely I hated that but now that I am an adult I am doing the same thing with myself with this towel.

I loved use this when I am wet after shower but I love use this with cream. Sincerely the luminous effect is amazing and this is a product really cheap. The price is around of $5 USD for a set of 5 towels. I remember the first one that I used was a gift from a korean webstore and after several months I repurchased this item because is so nice for my body exfoliation.  And the last year I received again this product with a haul from Jolse the last year. 

By the way I suffer sometimes after shave my legs with razor of folliculitis that is a bad and annoying irritation of the skin of my legs. But I notices that exfoliating my skin with the korean mitt a day precious to shave my legs I don´t have the abnnoying folliculitis. Like I mentioned before I use this more in my arms and legs but sincerely I don´t feel clean If I don´t rub all my skin. 

This is a very good investment and by the way you can´t use this product for your skin face because can be very abrasive. And If you have a sensitive skin there is a cherry mitt that is designed for sensitive skin. I love use this product specially on my elbows with cream for sof elbows. So I really recommend this product  I hope you can find this review useful.


(」・ω・)」this review resulted more long that I expected~
I hope you enjoyed this review~

Bye Bye!!


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