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Sunday, October 28, 2018


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I am back and I am not sure how many days I have without blogging but I am sure tomorrow I am coming with a new review just because I need to be up to date with my posts and reviews and lately has been a little complicated because with flu, allergies and changing my work is a lor of troutble lately. And believe me that is more complicated that looks blogging everyday. But i am here blogging today and that is what matter. I am again with a new post about amazing dresses from one webstore that you already knows If you has some time following my posts and I am talking about MillyBridal. This is a great webstore If you are looking for cute and wonderful dress your wedding.

Who say you can not be a wonderful fantasy bride? For that reason I picked this wonderful second dress that looks like is from a fairytail and is completely different to white with this wonderful baby blue color. The skirt looks marvelous with that opalescent between the layers of fabric I am not sure If I could use something like this because I am not with a great body figure but I could try to see. So the design is really cute.

The last but not the least important dress for finish this post this wonderful long dress with sleeves that looks so elegant and is gorgeous. I love it everything about this dress I´ve thinking a lot of about wedding dresses because I have to work with posts about beautiful wedding dresses at leatb one time per month and  I have thought a lot about which kind of dress I could use in a future for my wedding and i would like something with sleeves with a princess cute. I am not sure about how long could be the dress. Sincerely something with a medium length for me could be better. Like always I hope you can find this post useful. Like always let me know in the comments wich is your favorite dress between my picks.

Bye Bye!


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great week! xx

  2. los vestidos de novia me encantan! son impresionantes

  3. The first one is really wonderful! Regards:*

  4. I love the dress with the long sleeves.

  5. Beautiful dresses. The last one is definately my favourite ;)

  6. Love the gorgeous gowns, dear! xoxo

  7. Duas maravilhosas sugestões, Sakuranko!
    Gostei em especial, do segundo vestido...
    Finalmente, passando por aqui de novo, depois de uma ausência de quase 2 meses, em que aproveitei um pouco mais para descansar... e fotografar, aproveitando ainda os dias de calor aqui em Portugal... Sabe muito bem, estar de volta, e também ao teu adorável espaço, que muito aprecio!
    Espero que te encontres bem, assim como todos os teus, Sakuranko... e que essa gripe, passe logo, assim como esse período mais instável, no teu trabalho...
    Tudo a correr pelo melhor! Um beijinho grande! Feliz fim de semana!


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