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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Missha Line Friends Edition Poptastic Jelly Tint Review Collection

Hi Everyone!

This is probably the perfect example when I say I am going to publish this review the another month and the review stays in the oven for several months before I publish the review. And sincerely I´ve published a bunch of reviews before this one. But I am here. I am going to make the story short I won this lip tints by Missha in one giveaway months ago. And like I´ve used lip tints by Missha in the past I was very happy to receive this collection.

This review will be little different because I am going to publish the opinion low each lip tint and the reason is because I have different opinions and I must confess even when the packaging is super cute because was a collaboration with Line. I know this is not a new product but anyway you can find the  Poptastic Jelly Tints in several webstores but without the collaboration.

These lip tints have a price  around $8 to $10 USD each one so this a good collection. Something I don´t like about this collection is that each lip tint has the name in the top of the box but is in Hangul and that is not so friendly for overseas customers.I can not deny that the packaging is super lovely. This will be a heavy pic post.

Missha Line Friends Edition Poptastic Jelly Tint Review Collection


The colors right to left
Salse Red, Cube Red, Maple Latte, Hot Coral, Shocking Orange, Swing Pink

The swatches~

I am going start about each color in the order that are published with two special mentions to my favorites~

This shade is calle "Salsa Red"

This is probably the most dark color but to the same time is the color that the long lasting effect is the most poor. The application for me is not easy even when the shade is pretty I don´t like that is like a little clumpsy and I dont like that. 

Rating 2.5/5

This Shade is called "Club Red"

And this shade has special mention because is very long lasting, the application is super easy and the color is a gorgeous super cherry red and is wonderful and super juicy effect. The adherence is good and the looks doesn´t looks chapped after the application that is easy. I love it the shade of this collection and sincerely I could repurchase this lip tint. By the way the all the lip tins this is that has the best gel texture.

Rating 5/5

"Maple Latte" 

This is the second lip tint from this collection with special mention. This shade is a mix between Hot Coral and Club red and probably because I love it. the formula is more stable but is not so long lasting but the pigmentation in the lip is very consistent to difference to to others lip tints. This provides a juicy effect too and looks a little like a lip gloss. 

Rating 4.7/5

"Hot Coral"
And definitely looks more heavy in the applicator than on the lips. I have a relationshio hate-love because I love that the color is super mild and cute. But I hate the fact that my looks chapped after use and specially after drink or eat something. The color is not long lasting and the pigmentation is not consistent.

Rating 3.2/5

"Shocking Orange"
I guess this is a very accurate name and that is because this orange is super hot. This is another gel texture, the pigmentation is very good and consistent and is one the more long lasting effect  after the club red, but the lips looks chapped and I don´t like that. The color is powerful and marvelous. But the pigmentation is not consistent.

Rating 3/5

"Swing Pink"
I have my doubts about if put or not this an special mention and the reason is because the color is super cute. But the texture is a little milky and clumpsy and defiitely not easy. The formula is sticky and I can´t see any gel in this li tint but the colos is super diva pink and I like that. Sincereolt I like more this lip tint after I drink water or any drink because this help me to see my death skin in my lips. I like but is a complicated relationship and sincerely Iguess probably this milky formulation is not the best in this case.

Rating 3/5

So many kawaii bunnies~ (*⌒∇⌒*) This collection is super kawaii!

Even when this was a heavy photo post I tried my best for make this review the mort short and assertive possible. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Like always i wsnt to read your opinions about these cute lip tints and which is your favorite o(〃^▽^〃)o

Bye Bye!!


  1. Wow, I fell in love with this lip glosses, such amazingly beautiful colors, vivid but natural and innocent at the same time. Hope to get to try them sometime.
    Wish you a beautiful Sunday!

  2. Amazing post great pictures and beautiful shades :D

  3. These look so fun! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  4. Estupendo post! Que tengas feliz semana ! ♡♡♡

  5. I love the colors and the design of the products. You have perfect lips, every colour suits you.

  6. What a fun collection of shades, dear! xoxo

  7. Hi! They´re so cute! The shades are beautiful.
    I hope you´ll visit my blog soon. Have a nice day!

  8. Oh these look great.. such gorgeous colors.


  9. I love the packaging of these and the colors are really pretty. Salsa Red is my favourite!

  10. The package is very nice and sweet :-)

  11. I really like the colors! :)

  12. Their design is so cute <3 I haven't seen them before.

  13. wow...color for every occasion.

  14. I love the colours. It looks like they taste like sweets. They are so beautiful. Kisses!

  15. ¡Muy lindos! Me reí demasiado con el nombre "salsa red" 😂💙

  16. I loved the darker tones! It seems more vivid and colorful, I'd like to try some of them for my dry lips, specially during these cold winter in my town. Plus, the lovely package is so cute! *v* Missha has nice makeup choices.
    Thanks for your review! <3

  17. Me gustaron más los colores oscuros, siento que los demás no se aprecian tan bien. El empaque es demasiado lindo!
    El primero te queda muy bien 😉
    Gracias por tu sincera opinión !

  18. Gostei imenso das tonalidades, em especial, nos tons mais escuros!...
    Como sempre, uma publicação, muitíssimo bem elaborada!

  19. Hola! Espero no ser el único comentario en español jaja
    Me gusto el empaque tan mono de las tintas y los tonos, lastima que la pigmentación sea un poco baja para mi estilo, gracias por tu post, un saludo!


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