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Monday, November 26, 2018

Korean Makeup Haul V

Hi Everyone!

Sincerely I´ve been working so hard but today I have the opportunity to publish a new post today and that makes me feel very happy even when I am with allergy. I am making my best effort to feel better. How I live in a country where I have to fight with the Customs or rather I have to pray for each online purchase. And the postal office is super slow, I am still waiting for around 10 packages but more.

I bought some items that I needed and I wanted so today I will share a little about this haul. This haul is completely bought for me with my own money. Usually, all my hauls are four or five products but that is good I can do this in small hauls. This will be a preview of each product.

COSRX Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

100% natural silk and natural protein sericin remove sebum and blackhead with minimized irritation.
Hard blackhead and impure sebum disappear when met with finger ball.
Convenient use.
Care with reasonable price.

The first time I saw this product was when I checked for the first time this brand and like I suffer of blackheads and whiteheads I was super curious until a few months ago that I decided to buy this item. I am a little excited about to show you the difference on my skin. 

heimish All Clean Green Foam 150ml

Skin soothing and moisturizing pH balancing cleanser.
Eliminates various skin wastes and makeup residue.
Translucent gel type forms mild and smooth bubbles.

I needed to try a new cleanser and this was in my wishlist since a time. This will be my first time trying the brand Heimish and I am excited to know which will be the reaction of my skin and will be my first impression of this brand. I like the simple but neutral packaging.

Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher 10g

Natural color and micro pearl create a lively face.
Lovely and gorgeous cheeks.

From time to time I need to buy a new blush. the blushers are something that for some reason last a long time even when I guess I use blush every day for work as part of my simple makeup look. I had in my wishlist this blush and other from Missha but comparing the grams this has like the double and I was like more is better. I have like more than a year without use any product from Nature Republic so I decided this was a good time for that.

the SAEM Saemmul Essential Tint Lipbalm 4g

This makes it essential ingredient moisturizes dry lips.
Aromatherapy essential oils and natural ingredients make the lips moist.
Euneunhage and naturally color.
Dry, dead skin lips make to healthy lips.

Each year I decide to try a new lip balm. This time was the turn of the Saem. I tried the last year the Peripera Milk Moist Lip Balm and was good and had a good quantity of product but the effect was good but not amazing. So I am very interested in to try this new lip balm. 

 (*^▽^)/And that was all for this post~ This was my Korean Makeup Haul V that always have something about skincare too. I hope you can find interesting this post. I want to know If you know or has used any of these products. (‐^▽^‐) let me know in the comments. Happy day~

Bye Bye!!


  1. I hope it all works well for you!

  2. I LOVE THE KOREAN SKINCARE PRODUCTS, your reviews are soo cute and very informative

  3. Wow, this is a fantastic haul, I love korean products, they are great and very well made.

  4. I know you're always a fan of that stuff, must be high quality.

  5. I love Korean cosmetics <3 Regards:*

  6. A great post! <3
    I am following you and invite you to me

  7. these products sounds good

  8. Parecem-me excelentes aquisições... vou ficar a aguardar a tua opinião sobre cada uma...
    Beijinhos! Continuação de uma boa semana!

  9. no he porbado muchas cosas coreanas pero tengo que reocnocer que tienen una calidad excelente

  10. Interesting beauty products. We keep in touch. xx

  11. seems like you got some great buys! thank you for sharing this with us. :)

  12. Wow, I would like to try everything!

  13. Great post dear! Have a wonderful day!

  14. Me gusto tu haul :) He leído buenas reseñas del limpiador de Heimish pues al parecer tiene un buen pH, esperare por tu reseña. Tengo el mismo bálsamo y es agradable, deja los labios con un poco de color a la vez de hidratar, espero que mejores de la alergia, saludos :)

  15. I am curious how Nature Republic Shine Blossom Blusher looks like :P


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