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Friday, January 18, 2019

Eyenlip Salmon Oil Nutrition Serum

Hi Everyone!

I spent around twelve hours trying to upload the photos for this review that by the way, I wanted to publish yesterday but everything went wrong with Google Photos that by the way until now I don´t know which is the problem. I need be more careful about the photos and sincerely is a little complicated for me yet. Because even when my connection was working the website itself was giving me troubles. Anyway, I am back with a new review Eyenlip Salmon Oil Nutrition Serum.

I love serums because they can improve a lot the appearance of my skin. In another hand, I must confess I did a mistake so many months ago when I published the Korean Makeup Haul of BeautyNetKorea & Eyenlip because I said this was an eye cream (I already fixed that months ago). But this is not an eye cream this is, in fact, a serum. I am not sure why I thought this was an eye serum probably because exist an eye cream with very similar packaging. After reading the box I was like why the hell I published that this product was an eye cream?

I´ve been using this product around four months so now I guess is a good time for sharing my experience with this product. 

This is how looks the box

Information about the serum~


1. Hyaluronic acid, glycerin and contains excellent moisturizing factor ingredients, it will keep your skin moist for a long time.
2. Panthenol, Betaine and other ingredients that form and reinforce the skin barrier from harmful stimuli such as ultraviolet rays,
fine dust, and infrared rays, which is effective for troublesome skin.
3. It contains niacinamide, a whitening functional ingredient, and adenosine, a wrinkle-improving functional ingredient.


Eyenlip Salmon Oil Nutrition Serum 50 ml

How to use

1. After the toner is used, pump down by an appropriate amount.
2. Use your fingers to gently spread on the skin.
3. Massage the serum until it is absorbed.

Expiration Date

Packaging + Quantity: This product contains 50 ml which I guess is a good quantity considering the fact the most of serums contains 30 ml. Obviously, there are exceptions like this. But I am happy with the quantity. The packaging looks luxurious and I love it that, looks like glass but is plastic.

Consistency: The texture of this product for me is a liquid gel. That is the right texture because is not a gel, is not a cream, this is like a liquid gel super lightweight the color is like that you can see and the absorption is quick. 

After Spread~

PROs and CONs
- Good price
- Beautiful packaging
- Fast absorption
- Luminous effect
- Floral aroma
- Moisturizing effect
- Brightening effect

- In many countries you only can buy this product online


This is my first time trying a product with the premise that has some ingredient with salmon, but in fact, this contains a very small amount of Salmon Oil (0.1%) between almost other ingredients. First, the absorption of this serum is quick so this is an easy step in my routine. But something I noticed is that the moisturizing effect of this serum is low. This provides a luminous effect and helps to reduce the redness and that is great because I love it when a serum has anti-inflammatory properties like this. 

I noticed too that this helped me to reduce marks of pimples and that is great. I suppose the whitening effect must be thanks to not only to all the amino acids but thanks to the niacinamide too. My skin after use this product feels and looks more tighten and the pores less noticeable too. 

I´ve been using this product around four months and the mentioned effects are all that I see respect for the results. I like this serum The only issue for me would be that even when my skin looks luminous I don´t feel my skin moisturized enough and another fact could be the fragrance that is strong in my personal opinion. I am not sure If that I´ve used products with so minimal aroma than now I feel that this has a powerful aroma. But I enjoyed this product I guess is a great serum. Perfect for oily, combination or normal skin, but not for dry skin. 


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Eyenlip Salmon Oil Nutrition Serum

After all the problems that I had the review is ready ( ̄▽+ ̄*)
o(^▽^)o I hope you can find this post useful 
Happy day~

Bye Bye!!


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