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Monday, February 11, 2019


"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

For me the health is primordial in life, and sincerely I don´t know how are people there in the world that doesn´t care even a little about their health. So today I want to talk a little about Dexascan. I need to make a little introduction but as a Physician, I need to talk about our body, yeah each body has a composition and each body is different depending on each lifestyle. The body composition goes for water, muscle, bones, fat that is divided into two essential and non-essential fat and of course other organs. Each body is different and that is the fact that many people don´t take in the count when they want to adjust to a specifical dieting regime or adopt a new lifestyle. 

So today I am here for sharing an innovative device for measure bone mineral density, muscle mass, fat mass, bone mass, a fat percentage so this is great If you are looking start to be a healthy lifestyle. Because is not equal the lifestyle of one athlete in comparison with a regular person that has office work and never do any exercise. How a DEXA Body Composition Scan Works? This device uses x-ray technology but a specifical x-ray technology that is called dual x-ray absorptiometry and for that is the name of Dexascan.

Something I want to let to know is that I talked about athletes and people that are looking for a dieting routine, but like this device scans bone density is important to me talk about osteoporosis. That condition is more frequent in women after menopause because occurs a decrease in some hormones that help the women be protected against this condition. The osteoporosis results in a person that is always developing fractures but in this case is because of there is a fragility in their bones because the density in their bones is really low and in this condition, the person is more susceptible to fractures. 

About DEXA SCAN Locations this is really easy to find and make an appointment you only have to visit their website and in Locations & Pricing you have a map and a place where you can out your postal code for establishing an appointment and leave the professionals of Dexascan work in your body. The procedure is so simple because you only have to lay on the bed where the scan is gonna work on you and the entire scan last seven minutes so a difference to other procedures is simple and quick. I really recommend this procedure because is simple and easy and can make a huge difference. like I said before remember each body is different so you can not compare yourself to another person because each body has a different body composition. I hope you can find this post informativeand useful.

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  1. Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day!

  2. Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds like a wonderful way to be more involved in your health. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Never heard of DexaScan before. Thanks for the info.:)

  5. This sounds very helpful! Thanks for the introduction!

  6. Bilgi sahibi oldum.Teşekkür ederim.

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  10. Uma fantástica sugestão, para quem necessita de medir a densiometria óssea!...
    A minha mãe de quando em vez, precisa fazê-la, pois sofre de osteoporose...
    Excelente e útil post, Sakuranko! Beijinhos


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