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Thursday, February 14, 2019

[JOLSE] Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

Hi Everyone!

It has been several days since my previous post like always I´ve been full of work but I feel pretty happy because now I have the chance to write this review for you. It´s an amazing thing that we are already at Valentine's Day and is amazing think that today is the birthday of my little cat Hana. And today I am here to share a review about a BB Cream ~ So Yay It has been a while since my last review of BB Cream. Sincerely I enjoy more the BB Creams than the foundations.

I received this product by Jolse like part of their recruitment of reviewers so thank you so much to Jolse website for this product in advance. I need to mention that is my first time trying this brand and that makes me feel a little excited because always try a new Korean brand is something good for me. Like always all the opinions in this review are based in my own experience with this product. I received this product super late because I received this product the past month that means in January and the recruitment was like in September I don´t remember now ut It was several months ago. But thanks to the postal office I received this several months later. 

Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

You can get a glossy skin due to the Crystal BB which is excellent at covering flaws.
Contains Macadamia Oil which has high absorption, Pomegranate Extract giving vitality and Fig Tree Fruit/Leaf Extract
which moisturize and soothes the tired skin from ultraviolet rays.
Coverage test completed so it proves covering various skin flaws clearly and beautifully.

Box Back Side

You can check each ingredient too at Skincarisma

Upside Box

The expiration date is 12 months after opened the BB Cream

This shade is 01 Light Beige 

Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

Packaging and Price: The price of this BB Cream is not so affordable because this has a price of around $26 USD so for me that price is not affordable. The packaging is simple but I like the model at least is easy to carry on my makeup bag.

Back Side


Expiration Date

Unopened Seal

This is the color of Light Beige 

 I love it the fact that the color is not so gray or pink

For me, this color is a perfect Light Beige

After Blend the BB Cream the finish is amazing

My Bare Skin

After applying Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream Light Beige

If you want to see how to Apply the Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream in video please watch my video review

PROs and CONs

- Good packaging
- Good quantity
- Medium Coverage
- Long-lasting effect
- Natural and luminous finish
- Moisturizing effect

- In many countries, you have to buy this product online.
- The price is not so affordable.


This product It was love to first try. The first time that I tried this BB Cream it was like oh yes this is what my skin needed. The application is super easy and after blend this BB Cream the result is pure love. Sincerely this is a light beige shade but the color to a difference to others BB Cream doesn´t oxidize and that is important. I don´t have dry patches with this BB Cream or oil excess even when this BB Cream provides a moisturizing feeling. I can´t say this is a matte BB Cream this BB Cream provides a semi-matte long-lasting effect.

I love it the fact that provides a gaussian blur effect respect to the pores and that is something I really love. The effect is amazing and you can see very well that in the after photo. I love how looks this BB Cream alone but using the Vue de Pulang stick the effect is even better. I need to say too that this medium coverage is really good for cover red spots or red areas. This is a cold BB Cream so is good like a base for contouring too. The only problem is that the product only has two shades.

The natural finish with the luminous semi-matte effect It compensates the fact that it has a high price, it is a BB Cream with a quality superior to other BB Creams. It reminded me of a beautiful BB Cream of Skinfood sadly that brand is in limbo. I recommend this product 100%


If you want to try this and other great Korean Cosmetics visit (♡°▽°♡)

If you want to buy the Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream 

This is how I look after using the Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream

I hope you enjoyed this review~
Thank you so much to Jolse for this chance (*^▽^)/
Happy Valentine´s Day! 💖

Bye Bye!!


  1. Nice Korean product! Happy Valentine's Day, babe! xoxo

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  3. Nice product!
    Thank you for your review
    Xoxo ♡

  4. You look beautiful! yes, well I feel the price is a little akward because you cand find another low cost with good quality

  5. This looks like such a wonderful product! Great post :)

  6. Looks amazing, great Product!

    lovely Greetings

  7. Thanks my dear =)

    Great review, this BB Cream sounds really good =)

  8. This bb cream looks very nice :)

  9. Looks very nice :) I love K-beauty products.

  10. looks goooood <3
    btw cute pics <3 <3 <3

  11. I don't really use BB creams anymore. I prefer mineral foundations. But I must admit, the one you write about seems to have quite a coverage ;)

  12. What a wonderful product, I loved it!

  13. cute is the packaging ☺
    I wonder how this cream BB works for me ☺

  14. Looks like a fun product. Perfect for summer when foundation is way to heavy :)

  15. I love the after pictures, every pretty one and it makes your skin looks so pretty and even toned!

  16. Parece-me um excelente produto, que faz uma cobertura perfeita na pele... e num tom, que se aproxima muito do que também eu uso habitualmente!
    Excelente sugestão, Sakuranko! Muitos parabéns pelo aniversário da tua Hana! Que a conserves, junto de ti, durante muitos e bons anos!...
    Tudo de bom! Feliz domingo e uma boa semana!

  17. Não conhecia este! Eu costumo usar CC Cream

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  20. ¡Luce preciosa en tu piel! Incluso luce muy suave y firme, qué buen efecto brinda. Y es que con las bb creams a veces se tienen problemas de aplicar muchísimo o muy poco, pero el efecto que deja es muy tentador <3 Lo agregaré a wishlist y veré si es apta para mi tono de piel.
    Gracias por tu review :D

  21. you look so pretty with "Beautymory Crystal Expert BB Cream"

  22. Great review dear thanks 😊

  23. Mais uma fantástica novidade, que ainda não conhecia!...
    Adorei o post! E fica-te lindamente!...
    Ando à procura de um produto assim... pelo que é uma excelente dica!


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