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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

10 Tips For Wearing Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are the new way to stand out in the hair department. They’ve been so popular in the past few years that it’s really hard not to be curious. All the popular celebrities you see on TV are probably flaunting extensions. Their luscious long curls are most probably not natural, but the result of a very good hairdresser and quality extensions. These real/fake hair additions are so big because everyone dreams of a longer, shinier, voluminous hair that is not so easy to have. With modern beauty trends, women can be whoever they want to be. If you are planning on getting your first ones, these are the 10 tips you need to know about wearing hair extensions. 

Create A Gorgeous Ponytail

Yes, you can have a long sleek ponytail with extensions. And it is much easier than you think. These days you can buy clip-in ponytail extensions that are as good as the real thing. Do not be fooled by the name, this pony will be gorgeous. It doesn’t matter if your hair is too short, thin or fine. Literally, everyone can try out this amazing product. You might need help from a professional to choose the right one for you, but other than that, they are very easy to use. You will also learn all the secrets about how to hide it’s not your actual hair in no time. If there is a part where you can see the clip-in, cover it with your real hair. Get creative with the length, and texture, so that you see which look works best for you. Sometimes you can even choose a color that is completely different from your natural, and dye yours. The extensions will stimulate to do the change you’ve been longing for. 

Watch Where You Brush

No more brushing in the root area. This is where the extensions are. You can completely remove them if you brush or comb. There are many different types of extensions, but they are all located on the roots. If you do brush there, they will fall off. To prevent knots in that area, use your fingers. Slowly go through the roots, removing all the tangled parts that should not be there. Secure the hair in your other hand while you’re doing this. Take it up a little bit, so that the extensions are safe and to remove the pressure in the scalp area. Be as gentle as possible. It all sounds like a lot of hassle, but it is not. You will soon see that these hair additions are the best thing that’s ever happened to you. 

You Can Even Have Bangs

One of the craziest things about hair extensions is that you can have any hairstyle you will think of. Do you want super-long Rapunzel-like blonde mane? Why not. Bangs are another option you should definitely consider. They are trending for 2019. And what’s even better is that it can be any type that works for you. Starting with the chic baby bangs, long and blunt, short and messy, to drape fringe. These are such cool options and let every girl test out whether she wants to cut her own hair with a fringe. If you chop bangs without even trying how they look on you and you’re not happy with the results it can be a huge problem. You’ll have to wait for months to get back to how your hair was before, even years. With these advanced extensions, all you need is a few minutes of your time. So easy, pain-free and secure. Most of these are clip-on bangs, ready in no time. Simple to put on and remove. And what’s even more important is that there is no damage to your hair. Experiment as long as you like. Changes are always fun. 

Hair Wefts Are Amazing

Have you ever heard of hair wefts? They are also extensions but do not have that clip-on mechanism. A hair weft is made of hair that is sewn and ready to use. Just like any other type, it can be made of either human or synthetic materials. The wefts are available to get for a very affordable amount. That is why so many ladies own them at home. The craziest thing is that you can tailor them to your needs. If you get a section that is too wide, just take it to the tailor and ask them to cut it in half and secure it on the sides. They will also be able to put in small clips for you to apply it easily. That way you’ll be able to place several wefts and create a very natural look.

Dry Them Well

This is one of the best tips for wearing hair extensions that plenty of ladies have never heard of. You have to make sure that the bonds located on the roots are completely dry. There are two options. The first one is, of course, air drying. It means less damage but more time. When you have free time and you are at home, why not let the hair air dry. The second one is with a hairdryer. It is recommended to use cold air instead of hot. This is an advice from professionals, because you can damage the bonds with hot air. This tip is no joke. The roots have to be 100% dry without a doubt. 

Teasing Is Important

Teasing is not only good to hide the fact that you are wearing hair extensions. It will also help you keep them in place. Even the pros do it, so it’s obvious that it’s important. This is not intense teasing and back brushing. You still have to opt for a very natural effect. No one likes huge manes with extra, unnatural volume. It is only soft teasing that will help the bonds blend in seamlessly. Start teasing the hair right above the extension. There are many quality teasing brushes that will help you achieve an instant effect without too much effort. All of this happens in the roots. You will not need to worry about the clip-in sliding and moving. You’ve secured them with teasing. 

There Will Be Itching

The chances are, you will experience itching the first time you get extensions. It can only be in your head. This is nothing serious. It is completely normal for ladies to get itchy in the parts of the bonds as a part of the adaptation process. If it continues like that for a while, you will definitely need to check out what’s going on with a professional. 
Match Them To Your Natural Hair
There is a special serum that helps the extensions look very much like your own hair. It is called shine serum and it’s an essential product for all ladies who are thinking of getting extensions. Don’t worry, it is not expensive and you can find it in most stores and online. A whole range of brands delivers these shine serums. As the name suggests, it gives a gorgeous glowing finish to the hair, both real and fake. It is especially important to use it if your extensions were made of synthetic hair. A curly mane is much easier to style, because it hides them very well. The straight hairdo is a much bigger problem. Every single section can decide to stand out, sometimes your real hair, sometimes the extensions. 

Use A Hair Straightener

You will need this hot tool to make the extensions blend in with your hair. When you want to keep it straight and smooth, start with a heat-protectant. Spray it all over and use an iron to straighten both the natural and added hair. Some hairstylists even recommend that you straighten everything first, then style it however you want to, including curls. You want to have the ultimate natural look, and this is one of the best ways to do it. Wearing hair extensions is not as hard as it sounds. 
Get Braids

If you can get bangs, you can get braids too. You probably had no idea that this is an option, but there are braided extensions as well. Imagine getting the longest, chunkiest braid in only minutes. It would literally take you years to grow out that hair, so that it looks similar to the chic braided hair extensions. They literally come in so many shapes and forms, that every single lady can find what she’s been looking for. Another super-easy idea is a braid you place together with your ponytail. It features a U form, meaning that it should be placed under the pony. It will help you make the braid much longer and bigger. Just like all the other extensions, this one is also very easy to use. Plus, it’s a long-term investment. Find one that is really close to your own hair color and make sure it’s not extremely long because you’ll pay more money and still have to additionally cut it.

So these are so many great tips about the use of hair extensions. And these are the reasons because I really enjoy using them. I hope you can find this post informative and useful.

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