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Monday, March 25, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Case by FFY

"Advertorial Post"

Hi Everyone!

I am here this time to share about something super useful in the world of technology like is the smartphone cases. I am here to share a little about a product specifically about the FYY CASE and of course this time the Galaxy S10 Case. This is a very new model but like FYY is a great website they have already the case for this model. I guess a phone case is great because helps to protect the smartphone and in this case, this provides a great place where to hold the credit cards too so this is like two in one product.

This product is 100% handmade this is like a mix between a wallet and a phone case and this phone case is both. An important subject for me is protecting the smartphone in all the areas and this phone case protects all the corners of the phone. But with this phone case is very well protected the smartphone. Something that is great is the kickstand function is great for when you want to start a video chat or want to watch a video online in both cases this case is great. The material of this case is 100% premium leather for a classic and vintage style.

This same model of phone case is for several models of the Samsung Galaxy S10 so depending on which model you have you can buy the specific case. In this post, I shared the link of each model in the name of each one so I hope you can find this post informative and useful. Like always you can check the website of FFY If you are looking phone cases this web store has great prices too, you can find their accessories for office, for children, tablets, iPhones, Ipads and more. I hope you can find this post useful and I want to invite you to visit this web store and wish you a good day.

Bye Bye!


  1. Cool sharing! Gonna check it out! xoxo

  2. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing, xx

  3. Great case, glad you like it!

  4. Parecem excelentes, estas capas para telemóveis!
    Excelentes sugestão, Sakuranko! Deixo um beijinho e os meus votos de uma feliz semana!

  5. Hi dear, this case looks so elegance I think it's a good way to keep your smartphone safe.

  6. This case looks both practical and functional.

  7. Great post dear, so nice and interesting, love it!

  8. Wonderful photos and interesting post dear!

  9. Seems to be really a great cover!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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