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Friday, April 12, 2019

World Serie Grey Circle Lenses

Hi Everyone!

I am back with a new review and very happy to be publishing a new full review after some dark days literally because I´ve been without electricity but that is something for another post probably I am going to publish an update soon. But today It is time for a new review. Thanks to the website Lenscircle I received two pairs of circle lenses for review but like always all the opinions in this review are based in my own experience with this product. 

I am not sure exactly how many circle lens about the Korean brand Geo Medical I´ve used but I know has been a lot of circle lenses. 

If you want to know how to care the circle lenses
I want to invite you to read my post
ABC Circle Lens Care

These are cards with instructions super great for using the circle lenses

Both are plano

◤゚ Design/Pattern + Color: These circle lenses are a tri-tone design and the design, in fact, is pretty natural and I really like that. But the main issue for me is that these lens design does not blend with my natural eyes so looks I little fake but I love it the final result. 

◤゚ Comfort: Sincerely this is probably the most negative point about these circle lenses, I can´t find these circle lenses comfortable. I can´t use these lenses for over 1 hour.

◤゚ Enlargement: The enlargement is subtle but the design itself makes the eyes pop so even when the enlargement is subtle the effect is cute.

◤゚ Overall: I used these lenses with good expectations because I love it the gray circle lenses, in fact, are of my favorites circle lenses the gray lenses. But the issue is not the design because I know how the lenses cannot look natural. But the issue for me and I don´t If is because I have sensitive eyes but I can´t use these lenses over one hour because I feel very uncomfortable. until the point that I have to remove the circle lenses. So probably It´s me and I have a particular issue but I recommend these lenses If you are looking for something natural probably your are gonna need moisturizing eye drops for these lenses. But I really like the design.

◇ Rating: ★★

Where you can buy this and more cute Circle Lenses?.-♡-:.

If you want to buy the World Serie Grey Circle Lens

( ⌒o⌒)  Using the World Serie Grey Circle Lenses

I hope you enjoyed this review ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ

Bye Bye!!


  1. These circle lenses look natural. Great post :)

  2. Nice colour. I always wanted a colour contact lenses.

  3. Very pretty lenses my dear!

  4. Śliczne soczewki, ale ja wolę okulary Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  5. The gray ones are so cool. I would love to try different colored lenses.

  6. How awful! I hope you have your electricity back. When it comes to something you wear in your eyes, it doesn't matter how good they look if they don't feel comfortable. They do look very nice though.

  7. Honey! beautyfull :) amazing post!
    kisses from Poland :*

  8. Awesome lens, dear! Have a wonderful week! xoxo

  9. Essas lentes são muito bonitas! Gostei!

  10. The lenses look so natural! Beautiful photos!

  11. It looks interesting. But I would not want a lens, too, eyes are sensitive.

  12. Wow they look so pretty and striking xx

  13. You look super cute :) thanks for the information.

  14. Great post dear, thanks 😊

  15. Fazem um efeito lindo!... Realmente é pena, não as conseguires tolerar por mais tempo... mas quanto a isso, nada a fazer...
    Gostei imenso do post! Beijinhos


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